High Five Spoilers


high fiver


Gopi folds her hand and apologizes to Gaura. Kokila will bend down infront of Gaura. Gaura makes her scared with her words. Kokila thinks she has same behavior since her childhood. Gopi and Kokila are promoted to new level now. Gopi is becoming saas now, and getting her daughter Meera married to Gaura’s grand son. Kokila gets happy and hugs Gaura. Kokila takes Meera’s marriage proposal for Gaura’s grand son. Gaura readily accepts it and says she needs a tigress and not a cat taunting to Kokila. Gopi gets happy about Gaura’s nod and distributes sweets.


Menka is enacting like Dadi. Menka wears Dadi’s clothes and mimics Dadi to impress her. Dadi gets angry. Menka gets disqualified at the competition. Rags is busy making Soumya look gorgeous to fail Suhani. Suhani gets tensed as Yuvraaj doesn’t pick her calls and tries to know the reason for his sudden bad mood. Suhani sings Bada dukh dina…… and performs on the stage in the Mrs. Allahabad contest. She shows her classical dance skills. She signs Yuvraaj and chooses the song to pass her message to him. Rohan is trying to break Yuvraaj and Suhani. Yuvraaj gets upset with Suhani’s performance. Yuvraaj gets jealous seeing Rohan and Suhani’s proximity and will confess his love to her. Suhani loves Yuvraaj a lot and wants Yuvraaj to accept her love. Yuvraaj is hurt seeing the divorce papers signed by Suhani. Rohan has made her sign on the papers by lying to her. Suhani is not aware of Rohan’s plans, and has reached in top 3 contestants. Dadi announces her name unwillingly as the winner of the contest.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

The families keeps a bachelor’s party before Dhruv’s marriage. Thapki is locked in Pandey Nivaas and Dhruv finds her finally. Bihaan has done Thapki’s kidnapping and caged her to get Dhruv to the bachelor’s party as her his plan. Dhruv gets disappointed with Bihaan for troubling Thapki and taking this wrong route to get him to the party. Dhruv and Thapki get to know this plan was made by Dhruv and Thapki’s families to throw a bachelor’s party with Bollywood theme. The family performs on hit songs of Bollywood. Scarlett Wilson will do the cameo in the show, and entertains everyone as the dancer. She makes Dhruv dance on the beats, though he is worried for Thapki. Bihaan dresses as Chulbul Pandey, and dances with Scarlett. They drag Dhruv on the stage.


Naitik inaugurates the restaurant Krishna and cuts the cake his birthday cake happily with his family. Naksh made his dream come true and have surprised Naitik on his birthday. He gets the restautant inaugurated by Naitik. Naitik thinks Naksh is of no use and didn’t expect this from him, but after seeing Naksh’s achievements, he feels proud. Naksh makes all the arrangements and celebrates his father’s birthday with everyone. Naitik is happy and expect Naksh to focus on his studies and career.


Somendra proposes to Sarojini and confesses his love saying I love you teacher ji……Sarojini is surprised. She wanted to teach him about studies, but he proposed her. Sarojini being his teacher gets upset seeing him proposing her. She refuses his proposal and scolds him. Somendra tells her that his love is real and will not change under any circumstances. Their sweet bitter argument will continue and Sarojini will become Somendra’s wife finally.



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