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Jamai Raja:

Sid and Roshni enjoy their sangeet function and dance romantically. They make sure that no misunderstandings will come their way. They have a much needed gala time after a long suffering because of Misha. Everyone dance and celebrate the function. Sid’s parents dances as well and looks like a newly weds. Everyone is happy and enjoy Sid and Roshni’s marriage functions. Biji and Nani performs too while Roshni joins them. With their marriage on the cards, Sid and Roshni will stay together for forever.

Sid and Roshni’s happiness revisited in Jamai Raja


Ruhi tells Raman and Ishita that she wants a small baby for her to play with. Raman and Ishita bring soft toys for Ruhi, but she is adamant to have baby brother or sister. She gets angry with her parents and demands a baby, seeing her friends having young siblings. Mrs. Bhalla gets happy and says she wants the same. Raman and Ishita get shy and blush.

Ashok to create differences in Bhalla Family in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Veera is going to end soon on 8th August. On the last day of show, Veera ties rakhi on her brother’s wrist and do the aarti. She reaches Gurudwara with a plea to make her brother fine. The God did listens to her and Ranvi gets fine. Gunjan do the aarti of her brother Baldev and ties the Rakhi. She cries getting emotional. The show is going to end, but the audience will never forget the unique mum (Ranvi) of television. The last twist in the show is Veera becomes mother. She delivers the child and hands over the baby to Ranvi and Gunjan. Veera and Baldev have this mutual decision. Baldev and Veera’s romantic pairing will be missed the most.


Ganga comes to school wearing school uniform, but her dress is different from others as she is a child widow. She is asked to peel green peas while she refuses. All the girls’ students peel off the peas shell. Ganga determines to study and make the teacher understand the importance of education.


Naira learns classical dance and gears up to perform on stage during her school competition. She gets ready in traditional clothes with gajra. She is looking desi and Gayatri is participating with her also. Naira gets upset as her parents give more attention to Gayatri. Akshara asks Naira to do her make up and gets busy with Gayatri’s make up. Naitik praises Gayatri more than Naira.

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar:

Ragini cries and gets emotional with the thought of losing her son to Neil. She shares her pain infront of Aman, and gets weak. Ragini tells that she has been weakened because of her son. Ragini reaches Police station to talk to Aarav on his birthday, but she is informed that Neil took Aarav with him. She gets shattered and cries thinking Neil will take Aarav far from her. She being a strong head woman, is known to handle everything strongly, but she breaks down for her son.


Ragini takes Swara to bridge and confesses to her crimes infront of Swara. Swara gets shocked and couldn’t believe that her sister could do such a thing. Before she could say anything, Ragini pushes her in the river. Swara gets drowned and flowed with the flowing water. Ragini cries and says she don’t have any other option. She rushes from there. Later Swara and Laksh’s marriage function starts, but Swara is missing. Laksh gets lost in thinking and is sad. Everyone is worried about Swara. Ragini will take advantage of the situation and tells everyone that Sanskar is not mad, but is fine. She tries to expose Sanskar and puts the blame on him. Sanskar tries to search Swara on the road and takes her pic with him. He has a doubt on Ragini that she is hidden Swara somewhere. Ragini wants to marry Laksh and it is yet to be seen if she gets successful. Ragini sheds crocodile tears and gets everyone’s attention to marry Laksh.

Ragini’s cunning plot succeeds; Huge drama to follow in Swaragini


Radhika and Arjun get married infront of everyone. Everyone looks on shockingly while Radhika takes the pheras with him. She tried to safe Samaira’s life and got her life ruined. Arjun is revengeful and will take revenge on Radhika for failing his marriage plan with Samaira. Arjun has started hating Radhika, but he saves her from goons.

Arjun to marry Radhika; Fractious feelings to dwell in Manmarzian

Sasural Simar Ka:

The black magic starts again in Sasural Simar Ka. Prem is made to lie down as Mohini performs the black magic on him. She does black magic on Roli’s pic also. It is yet to be seen if Simar would be able to save her husband and sister. Simar finds Prem unconscious in the car and is worried. She sees Prem with Mohini, near the temple. Mohini performs black magic and throws some powder around Prem. She is going to trouble them more. Mohini does a Tandav dance around Prem. Simar rushes to the temple to seek help from Mata Rani.

Mere Angne Mein:

Though Sarla has sent Shivam to Allahabad to bring Holy Ganga river water for the special puja, he comes back on time and attends the sangeet-mehendi function at the bride’s place. Riya waits for Shivam and Amit goes to dance with her. She assumes Shivam’s family dancing along and does not know Amit’s plans to marry her. Riya and Amit have a dance, and Shivam makes an entry. He gets stunned seeing Amit is marrying his colleague Riya, who confessed love to Shivam before. Shivam gets puzzled seeing them, and gets to know by Rani about Sarla’s plans. There is going to be big drama scene when Sarla’s plans gets popped and Shivam and Riya get married.

Dream Girl:

Ayesha is being the target this time, and everyone is playing a game around her to know about Laxmi. Manav asks Samar to be away from Laxmi for few days as Laxmi’s life is in risk. Manav and Samar get a doubt on Ayesha and try to get firm about it. Ayesha’s past comes to the core and her BF starts blackmailing her. A new entry will be seen in the show which will add a new angle to Ayesha’s life. Chaitanya Choudhury will be doing the role of her ex lover. Karan confides with Manav about Ayesha’s past. The truth of Laxmi’s kidnapping done by Ayesha will be out for which Ayesha will lose Manav’s trust and support.

Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls:

Dylan gets overconfident that he will be thinking ahead of Sunaina and getting her secrets out. Sunaina plays safe and proposes Dylan for marriage. He unwillingly agrees and tries fooling her. While Dylan wants to mention Dabbu’s name in the award function, he invites Thakur Family to witness the moment. His plans get flopped by Sunaina’s entry in the function. When Dylan tells everyone about the special lady of his life, Sunaina gets to the stage and hugs him before he takes Debjani’s name. To add more shock, she tells everyone that Dylan and she are going to get married soon. Dabbu and her family get a big shock by this and seek an answer from Dylan. Sunaina does not let Dylan clear the matter and gets close to him, which makes everyone assume him wrong. Dylan and Dabbu’s love story takes a big turn, which he was afraid of.


Somendra & Sarojini go on with their Nok-Jhok and argumentative behavior at her school, with Somendra boasting about himself to outdo her. Later on, Somendra gets hold of video recording where Mayank is seen confessing to not love Sarojini but will be going to marry her at any cost. Somendra got the video shot after some confrontation, and then decides to show the video to Sarojini. At the school, Sarojini isn’t interested in watching the video and snatching happens. Sarojini falls down after losing balance in the snatching tussle and gets injury on her head. Somendra gets worried with her injury and makes earnest attempts to reach the hospital. On the way, he faces difficulties but his care and feelings come out during that tough time. Will Somendra succeed to provide the requisite timely medical help ?

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Tu Mera Hero:

Titu has got permission from Govind to go Mumbai and achieve his dreams. Titu and Panchi have a romantic date before he leaves. They confess love to each other. Titu makes the evening awesome by doing the best arrangements. Panchi gets bowled over seeing the filmi ambience and he fulfills her dreams. He thanks her for making his dreams come true. They have a romantic dance on the song Sun Saathiya… He showers her with gifts and they share some memorable moments.


RV, Ishani and Ritika are in the party. He is stuck between Ishani and Ritika. He is troubled in balancing. He thinks he can enjoy in the party given by Mr. Chadda, his client. Ritika fools RV that Ishani refused to come in the party and accompanies him. The guests taunt RV about his two wives and asks him to give tips on managing two women. Ishani gets alone in the party as Ritika sticks to Ranvir. A man teases Ishani and blocks her way. RV gets to see this and gets angry. He goes to save Ishani and warns the man to be away from Ishani. He kicks the man from the party, unable to bear anyone misbehaving with Ishani.



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