Nandini threatens Radhika and instigates Arjun against Radhika in Manmarzian



Radhika and Arjun want to outdo each other and wait for the marriage to halt. They both stay adamant and take the wedding rounds. They don’t speak the truth and the final wedding round comes, where Arjun asks Radhika to rethink over her decision to marry him. Radhika goes ahead and the seven rounds complete. They marry as per all the rituals, and Sam gets shattered to see Radhika and Arjun breaking her trust and heart. Neil takes Sam with him, while Sam is unable to bear this big deceive from her love and her best friend. Nandini fumes on Radhika and threatens her.

Radhika lands with Arjun in his house and Nandini stops her. Nandini asks Radhika to leave from their house. Radhika stubbornly enters the house knowing the risk to stay with them. Radhika decided to find Nandini’s true intentions and new plans hatching to hurt Sam and Samrat. Radhika gets strongly determined to expose Nandini and Arjun’s real intentions to everyone, inorder to win the lost trust of her family and lost friendship of Sam. Nandini instigates Arjun against Radhika and fuels his mind with a new revenge. Will Radhika be able to dig up Nandini’s truth by her detective skills? Keep reading.


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