Ishq Ka Rang Safed, new show on Colors TV starring Eisha Singh & Mishal Raheja, started on 10th August 2015 (tonight)


Ishq Ka Rang Safed, new show on Colors TV

Ishq Ka Rang Safed (The colour of love is white) is the new show offering from Colors TV. It presents the unusual and impossible love story of an upper caste boy Viplav with a young 20-years old widow Dhani. Dhani has accidentally killed her husband and was condemned to be a widow for life at the Ashram. Viplav gets to know of Dhani after a chance encounter at Varanasi ghats where he was playing a bet with his friend. Viplav comes from a family of grand priests and is the grandson of Maha Pandit – Mahant Darshath Tripathi. He is carefree but also rebellious and was about to go abroad for his law-studies. After his first meeting, Viplav gets curious to know more about Dhani since he lost his heart to her, and decides to shelve his plans to study abroad. He goes out to meet her again crossing societal barriers of customs, which makes her shocked as she needs to follow some rules and principles in her life as a widow. Moreover, she vowed to oblige them during her stay at the Ashram. But Viplav is unconcerned much about Dhani’s identity and societal norms in this 21st century.


With Holi – the festival of colors, Viplav is told by his grandpa to maintain distance from widows and to not go near them since otherwise Adharma (unrighteousness, injustice) would happen. But his destiny and own actions have something else to present, he splashes the colors on Dhani that makes her shocked and out of place. While, this event has impacted Dhani much since she was compelled to go through all the rituals to get rid of the Adharma caused by the colors splashed on her body. Thus, Dhani faces backlash from the Ashram people and other widows who accuse her of degrading their Dharma too without any of her fault.

However, Viplav feels not much affected and continues to keep feelings for her and his family especially his grandpa keeps an eyewatch on him. Even for Viplav it is not easy to challenge or oppose his family but his heart has already fallen for Dhani, and therefore it is interesting to see how he manages to put forward his feelings at least to Dhani. Will Dhani conform and bear all the strict rituals that directly affects her identity for Dharma’s sake and societal norms ? Stay tuned for it.

Info on Cast:

* Viplav (Biplaab) Tripathi is portrayed by actor Mishal Raheja
– Mishal was born on 18 August 1982 in Mumbai, India. Studied his Bachelors in Business Management in United States.
– TV Debut in 2005 after his studies with MTV India’s Pyaar Vyaar and All That [2005-2006]
– Got recognition with Colors TV’s show Laagi Tujhse Lagan in his portrayal of Dutta Bhau [2009-2011]. Mishal’s Twitter page

* Dhani, the young widow is portrayed by actress Eisha Singh
– Eisha is 16 years old and is from Bhopal, and makes her debut with the challenging role in Ishq Ka Rang Safed.

* Mahant Dashrath Tripathi (Viplav’s grandfather) is portrayed by actor Arun Bakshi

First Look:
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