Simar and Amar get together to end Mohini’s evil in Sasural Simar Ka



Simar comes home and the family fails to identity her, knowing about her death. They believe its Mohini in Simar’s form and limit her from entering the house. Simar asks them to identify their bahu and tries proving herself. No one believes her and makes her leave the house. Simar goes and Amar comes to help her. Amar and Simar join hands and he tells her that he will expose Mohini’s truth.

Mohini has landed in Bharadwaj house and proved that she will never die. Mohini says she will get Simar at any cost and does black magic there. She sees Simar’s pic with garlands and says Simar did not die, she will get Simar out by using her powers. Simar hides her face and comes in Bharadwaj house. She tries failing Mohini’s plans by taking Amar’s help. Mohini gets to know Simar is around her and wants to control her. Simar and Amar plan to face Mohini. Mohini plans to capture Simar in some kalash. Mohini has five kalash with names, and says the kalash pot which she breaks, that person with his name on it will be dying. Mohini determines to ruin Simar’s family. How will Simar be able to save her family? Keep reading.


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