Sher’s sharp move to outdo Bhanvari in Piya Rangrezz



Bhanvari doubts Sher’s change and tests him. She hands over a gun to him and says it’s a blessings plus gift for him, as she has started her business with the same gun. Later, a man misbehaves with Bhanvari and Sher gets raged seeing it. Sher starts beating the man ruthlessly and Shraddha gets stunned seeing his old avatar. She tries to stop Sher from beating the man. The fights leads to Sher shooting on the man’s arm and sparing his life after teaching him a lesson. Shraddha is disappointed with Sher’s bad behavior.

Bhanvari tells Shraddha that Sher has come back to her and will be holding gun in his hand again. She says she will make him a ruler of the state and make him ruthless like her again. Shraddha gets worried and confronts Sher, wishing she would have died instead Sher taking the wrong path. Sher aims gun at himself and she stops him, understanding what all he did was to save her life. Sher pacifies her and explains her that he won’t leave the right path of leading a honest life. Shraddha gets proud of Sher and his love. Sher plays a game with Bhanvari to show her that he is siding with her. He does so to take revenge on her for ruining his efforts and hurting Shraddha.

Bhanvari Devi keeps a celebration and calls a dancer to celebrate Sher’s entry in her favor again. She makes Shraddha have a drink. Shraddha thinks how to get Sher back to her. Sher tells Bhanvari that he is back to his mum’s powerful rule and wants to be under her shadow. Shraddha’s drinking affects Sher. Sher holds her hand and takes her from the party. Bhanvari gets glad seeing Sher supporting her.

Sher plans to ruin Bhanvari’s liquor business and also break her unity with Mama ji and Aditya. He wants Bhanvari to get arrested and punished for her crimes. Sher wants to secure Shraddha’s life and fools Bhanvari by his smartness. Will Sher succeed in failing Bhanvari’s plans? Keep reading.


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