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top-spoilers KumKum Bhagya:

Pragya comes to meet Tanu and hears her talking to Nikhil. She gets unconscious hearing Tanu revealing the truth about her baby’s father to be Nikhil. Tanu gets shocked hearing the door bell, and hides unconscious Pragya behind the door. She then opens the door and finds Abhi. She didn’t tell Abhi about Pragya’s unconscious state and hides the matter. Pragya knows the truth now, but she have to go through many hurdles to reveal the truth to Abhi. Very soon Tanu’s truth will be known to everyone.


Ishita tries to wake up Raman. Their love story has come on track and they don’t leave a chance to romance. They embrace each other, the moment they get time. Ruhi comes there and asks Ishita to bring new baby soon. She asks them to make special prayer as suggested by her friends, so that baby comes soon. Later, a new twist coming in the show. Raman spends some quality time with the family in the park. He saves Rohit from the accident and fails to save Ruhi, who falls down off her cycle. Someone tries attacking the kids and Raman and Ishita do not observe much.

Raman gets beaten up; Bhalla and Iyer women come to his rescue


Laksh comes to his room while Ragini is sitting as a bride waiting for him. Ragini dreams of Laksh getting closer to her and celebrating suhaag raat with her forgetting Swara happily. She gets happy as she is very close to Laksh and is about to fulfill her mission to get Laksh, but her happiness is short-lived when she gets scared with Swara’s thought. She imagines Swara threatening to expose her and gets scared thinking Swara might reveal her truth to Laksh. She finds Laksh coming to room finally in a drunken state as he is still in Swara’s thoughts. She takes out his shoes and makes him rest on bed. Laksh is sad and takes out his frustration on Ragini. Ragini will try to ignite love in Laksh’s heart and vows to get him. Meanwhile, Swara will come to Laksh’s house and warns to expose her.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thakpi’s engagement function is going on. There is a competition between girls and boys, whoever loses, will have to confess her/ his feelings in the function. Thapki’s sister performs on a popular song. Thapki feels she have to confess her feelings to Dhruv if her loses in the competition and gets shy. Thapki and Dhruv’s love grows more strong, but their marriage will not be happening. Thapki gets Dhruv’s name in her mehendi. Vasundara sees Thapki stammering and gets against her own decision to make her bahu. She takes a promise from Bihaan to stop Thapki and Dhruv’s marriage. Bihaan can do anything for Vasundara and agrees to stop Thapki from becoming her bahu. Bihaan marries Thapki forcefully and breaks Dhruv’s heart. Aditi will be seen pairing with Dhruv.


Suhani and Yuvraaj’s annoyance continues. Rohan lands up to meet up Suhani and confesses love for her. Suhani gets stunned when Rohan makes her realize Yuvraaj will never change and she can’t win his love by changing his mindset. Rohan proposes her and they have a talk. The family gets a super shock when Suhani agrees to hold Rohan’s hand, choosing him over Yuvraaj. Suhani removes her mangalsutra and keeps it. She has an argument with Yuvraaj and is ready to give him divorce with her will. Rohan goes with Suhani and her parents, and tries to win her parents’ heart. Pankaj believes Yuvraaj feels for Suhani, but Yuvraaj spoils everything being mistaken. Rohan tries to make Suhani’s parents agree for Suhani and his marriage.

Rohan to propose Suhani; Yuvraaj gets heartbroken by Suhani’s decision

Tu Mera Hero:

Titu is on a mission to get his talent noticed and appreciated by Mathura people to the extent that he gets media attention to pull in big comedians from Mumbai. Panchi gives him a good idea to implement to draw attention. Titu tells his family that media attention can make him popular. The family enjoys the union with Sundar and celebrate together. Bhagwati is thankful to Keshav for accepting Sundar by his heart. Rekha gets annoyed with Bhagwati and acts rude.

Piya Rangrezz:

Sher has done so much to save Shraddha’s life. He got his hand burnt to repair the high voltage transformer. He thanks Lord seeing Shraddha get fine. He is happy seeing her conscious and looks changed. He takes total care of her and values her a lot. Sher will be getting back to his old form. He felt there is nothing being on the right path and argues with Bhanvari. Sher will be showing his good side to Shraddha, and showing his actual side of a roaring tiger infront of Bhanvari. He will be taking revenge from Bhanvari Devi for hurting Shraddha. He will be balancing his life between Shraddha and Bhanvari smartly.

Badtameez Dil:

Abeer does drama and comes to Meher’s house with a wounded face. He acts innocent and tries getting Meher’s love. He hugs Meher, losing balance and stumbling. Abeer tells her that he got beaten up by the goons inorder to save some girl. His idea works as Meher gets pity for him. Abeer plays this prank on her and he will never change. He winks to Nisaar and acts. Nisaar understands Abeer’s way of getting Meher is wrong, but his love is right. Meher turns sympathetic and caring towards Abeer. Abeer is falling for Meher again.

Abeer’s Badtameez Dil says: ‘I want to be pampered by Meher’


Mohini has landed in Bharadwaj house and proved that she will never die. Mohini says she will get Simar at any cost and does black magic there. She sees Simar’s pic with garlands and says Simar did not die, she will get Simar out by using her powers. Simar hides her face and comes in Bharadwaj house. She tries failing Mohini’s plans by taking Amar’s help. Mohini gets to know Simar is around her and wants to control her. Simar and Amar plan to face Mohini. Mohini plans to capture Simar in some kalash.

Simar and Amar get together to end Mohini’s evil in Sasural Simar Ka


Akshara is standing in the society elections and her family supports her. Akshara wants to help needy women and they all want Akshara to become their leader. Akshara wants to bring a change in the society and to win many hearts. Vishwamber and Rajshri ask Akshara to fight elections of Mahila Mandal. Rukmani is standing opposite Akshara in the elections and comes to Akshara’s home to fail her plans of victory. They have a tough competition and would be interesting to see how Akshara wins over Rukmani. The family cheers for Akshara seeing her help many women and taking Dadda ji’s legacy ahead.

Qubool Hai:

Sanam unites with the fake Sanam’s mum and tries to get the witch’s powers. They get a ball which can absorb the witch’s evil powers and go after fake Sanam to make her see it. Fake Sanam avoids seeing the ball, and pushes Sanam away. Fake Sanam kills her own mum and then cries for her. She does so to save herself and her evil powers. Sanam gets troubled to deal with fake Sanam alone now.


Meera and Vidya will be bringing a new twist. Gaura does drama that she will leave the house and gets her bag. Kokila takes a decision in her favor. Gaura sees Meera’s misbehavior and chooses Vidya for Shravan. Gopi asks Vidya to become a good bahu and not act like Meera. Gopi agrees to Gaura and Kokila’s decision heartily as she is regretting Meera’s bad behavior towards Gaura and her grandson. Meera is happy that Gaura has finally dropped the alliance and she is free again.


Ritika has gone to the terrace and sees Chirag’s mum. Chirag’s mum says she has to come to take Chirag’s baby and she will tell Ranvir the truth. Ritika threatens her not to tell Ranvir. Ranvir and Ishani were also on terrace spending some quality time. They see the stars, dance romantically and does pottery. Ranvir is glad to spend good time with Ishani. Chirag’s mum refuses to stop and goes to Ranvir and Ishani. Ritika goes there and hires a shooter to kill Ishani. But the arguments between Ritika and Ishani make them switch places, and the man shoots. Ritika gets shot at her stomach by mistake and she loses her baby. Ishani gets shocked and rushes her to the hospital, being worried for the baby. Ranvir runs to catch the man. Ritika cries losing her baby and aims big revenge on Ishani.


Ravi and Devika have a sweet Nok Jhok and a romantic dance in the reception party. They have an eyelock and argue over the big misunderstanding between them. They love each other and are mistaken about the motives of their marriage. Ravi confesses his feelings for her and sees love in her eyes. She is annoyed with him as she is mistaken about him. Her clothes malfunction and he rushes after her. He does not want anyone to see her. Devika scolds him and later realizes it.


Sandhya is going along the Natak Mandli/play actors for the program on 15th August. She tries to know Chandu’s plan for Garjana Sanghatan. She sits sad and sees the men playing dhol. She acts of having stomach ache and stops the truck. She diverts their attention and gets down the truck to follow Chandu. She is working hard to fulfill Mission Mahabali. Chandu plans to ruin the peace on 15th August and reaches the temple.

Sadda Haq:

Randhir decides to join the Free Masons society knowing well they are very intelligent, genius and too sophisticated like extreme imaginations. Sanyukta warns him to be careful from them since she thinks they are dangerous and not good people. As time passes by, Randhir gets to know of Free Masons way of working, giving punishments and even removing temporary memory from Sanyukta to keep her away from them. The Free Masons plans to seperate Sanyukta from Randhir so as to not have any hindrance in their plans, and wants to leverage Randhir’s talent for their team. What price will Sanyukta pay with Randhir’s decision to join Free Masons ? On other hand, Abhay Singh Ranawat [ASR] starts to ponder about a Free Mason’s member from his past. The question arises, whether he succeeds in realizing about Free Mason’s partnership with Randhir.

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