Radhika to make Arjun identify his true self; Sam to realize Neil’s feelings in Manmarzian



The track is going well right now. Radhika has got to know about Arjun’s innocence. She has understood about Nandini planning evil alone and misusing Arjun in her vicious intentions. Radhika tries telling Arjun about Nandini’s plans and he does not believe her. After Arjun’s step to save Mala, Radhika gets back to her old belief of Arjun – an angel or equal to Lord for her. She ends her annoyance towards Arjun and tells him that she will keep up this marriage, to stop him from reaching Sam and with an add-on of making him realize his goodness. She praises him for the goodness he retained in him, even when he has Nandini by his side. She takes up the challenge to break Arjun from Nandini’s evil and expose Nandini’s true side, being sure that Arjun will not support Nandini once he knows her true face.

Neil gets thinking to meet Radhika once and find out the whole truth about Arjun. Neil convinces Sam to trust Radhika once and leave that revenge motto. Sam turns more believing in friendship once again, by Neil’s efforts. Nandini gets irritated seeing Radhika sticking to Arjun and deciding to keep her marriage. The next track will be showing how Radhika’s love will bring Arjun’s kindness out and she will be proved worthy of his love. Sam starts feeling Neil deserving of her love and could be best life partner for her. Neil’s feelings for Sam get revealed in the upcoming track. Keep reading.



  1. wow..so..nice..waiting 4 the lovely scene of our swt #ARDHIKA & #NESAM

    plz starplus..dont cutoff the #manmarzian
    plz..reconsider ur decision n give it a 2nd chance by supporting it more..there is much thing 2 explore..
    a hearty request 2 u..extend it atleast 3or 4 months.plz nt b cruel..

  2. Please don’t end this serial its the best serial among all star plus serial. May be due 10.30 time schedule people might not getting chance to watch. But this is really too good serial. Its about friendship and love unlike all other family dramas. Please try to extend don’t be hurry in unfolding all complexities. This serial can run till 1 year. Please don’t close this

  3. India is a country of great people, politicians, actors, poets and philosophers and good and kind people. In the eyes of wisdom and history, who would rather millions of people all over the world! Why ???..((( why are so many people, ordinary spectators, and participants of the project, and the creators have come together to ask you not to close the project, which has won and continues to win the hearts of many in the world! great actors continue to give us all a gift, the entire team works without a hitch, despite the difficulties. We can’t all be heard in our call to extend the fun of watching our dear beloved heroes, at least at a different time! Hear us mighty star plus, although, of course, we respect your decision! To survive this loss hard ((( the sky is crying with us … and you can hear our mental anguish in connection with the closing of our dear and beloved show Manmarziyan…?

  4. Plsssssssssss don’t end this show… there’s lot more to happen in the story….pls star plus don’t so this.. we just love ardhika scenes and all pls accept our requests

  5. Wow..what a beautiful track..please sp dont axe the show..but whatever we say u people will do ehat u like..go to hell sp..axing a beautiful serial..love aham ..monica..shravan and kashmira a very all the best..

  6. When there is a surety dat manmarziyan wl end y to plead SP to recnsider their decisions….they hav already made alternative to it i hope…it wud b very good to watch oder channels specialy colors as its true dat colors hav cum up wid sum shows of high value to society..de dont do experiments wid da debut actors….de run shows for long loses TRP bt ends it wen required,, not such abruptly….wen der is scope to exploit da actors’ ability nd to gain trp de end it rather changing da time….

  7. She says I just said that to make Radhika go away. Arjun says Radhika made me identify you, you held my hand and made me your brother when I had no one, I did not know I m just toy for you.


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