A glorious moment for Bhalla Family…


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The Bhalla family comes together for the independence function. Rinki sides with the family and cheers for Ishita’s work and Raman’s success. She becomes part of the celebrations which makes everyone happy. Ishita has united the relations. Ashok’s plans have failed and Raman’s name got saved from losing reputation. Raman catches the man who contaminated the juice bottles. He gets the man arrested. He thanks the workers for their support and gives an emotional speech.

Ishita and Raman celebrate the independence day. Raman is proud of her as she has completed the contract well. Her efforts have paid off well and she has launched the cool drink for the kids. They keep a special party for the launch. Raman goes all praising for Ishita. Ishita gets super glad. Ruhi calls her a superwoman who can do anything. The minister comes there to launch the drink. Raman’s company had the big order and their consignment was getting ruined. The minister checks the drinks getting the info about pesticides. Ishita drinks the juice herself and proves that it’s the best. She makes the minister sure that they did their work well. Ruhi gets Muttu Swamy and they find the defective boxes. The family gets thankful to Ruhi for her smart move. Ishita and Raman get to know about Suraj and Parmeet contaminating the drinks. They get saved by Ruhi’s efforts and Raman gives his success credit to Ishita and Ruhi. What will Ashok and Suraj do next? Keep reading.


  1. Please stop this serial…..Now will be shown shagun will be evil after becoming surrogate mother….its too boring…….dont feel like watching


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