Yeh Hai Aashiqui – Siyappa Ishq Ka Episode 9 starring Vibhuti Sharma & Randeep Rai, 15th August 2015 on Bindass TV – Written Update


Yeh Hai Aashiqui - Season 2

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) starts the show by asking what is love ? He tries to figure out its meaning and suggests what-if romance is simple, and talks about how confusion (Siyappa) always plays its part in the beginning. The story is about Vikas and Rhythm. It starts with Rythm seen crying at home even after winning the Miss fresher title. She gets consoled by her Neelu aunt (caretaker) who pacifies her by suggesting her parents couldn’t attend the event as they were stuck in some things. Rhythm goes into her room and thinks today’s parents are selfish and feels lonely and then talks to her pet tiger toy fondly called Fannah Khan. She realizes on doing something to get attention.


The story moves ahead by one week. Vikas is having difficulty in pay his college fees and even scholarship amount haven’t reached the accounts office. Rhythm suddenly appears and pays his full fees. She begins to talk and knows he is from science while she is from arts, and her payment of his fees is just a good thing, nothing else. She wants him to return the favor by doing a work for her. She makes him come along with her and reaches his home. She calls her mom first but couldn’t succeed. She then calls her Neelu aunty and shouts of getting kidnapped and cuts the call. She suggests to Vikas about the kidnapping drama and then blackmails him that he has left her after knowing about her dad. He learns she planned her own kidnapping and wonders what wrong he did. She speaks of researching for a week  to finally chose him and calls him a lucky fellow. She wanted a good boy who is not crazy, and learnt he works at a cafe to make ends meet and to pay for his college fees. He was empoyee of the week for 3 times there. She takes out her toy – Fannah Khan – soft toy and even took permission to choose him. He calls her mad to take permission from a toy. She calms him down by saying it is just drama.

He makes it clear that kidnapping is a big crime and asks her to go home but she doesn’t move. She puts forward her favor of paying his 6 month fees and speaks of wanting to stay with him for 6 hrs atleast. Vikas goes to the police station (PS) after binding her hands and there learns that the inspector has already the case of Rhythm. On that note, he leaves the PS for home and informs about her photo with the police. He is worried but she speaks of another call after some time for ransom. She suggests the matter is for the night and tomorrow morning she will go home. He replies she is taking things casually and highlights his worry by suggesting what-if things go wrong in 24 hrs. She doesn’t listen to his arguments and asks him for food. She helps him in food preparation and soon she gets a bruise. He applies the turmeric (Haldi) to stop blood oozing out & safeguarding from infection. She reiminisces about her Neelu aunty applying band-aid and her mom’s negligence. Neelu aunty’s words that the ones who help her during troubles is of her own strikes.

Both share a quiet moment during dinner. He opens-up that she is doing is wrong though he doesn’t know why she is doing such a thing. He shares with her about her parents accident and 10 years have passed since then. She clarifies to him about how her parents didn’t spend time with her but give all amenities. She won the miss fresher but didn’t got congratulations. She just wants to get attention from her parents. To pass time, she suggests they watch movies during night and went for it. Next morning, she informs him about the ransom call and asks him to ask for real money. But then suggests he is an innocent fellow. They go to a telephone booth to make the call. The police is seen already present at Rythm’s home attending and tapping Vikas’s call. The police inspector thinks of knowing Vikas’s voice. Rythm speaks about the ransom amount to be 10 lakhs, and the college location. She ends the call and thanks Vikas since her parents are now worried for her. He asks her to call the parents again since her wish to get attention from parents is fulfilled.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that Rhythm got attention from a stranger Vikas, and they were doing childhood stuff whose implications are dangerous. As they reach home, Vikas finds the police. She insists him to bring the soft toy Fannah Khan. He takes the soft toy and both run from there but both are seen by the police. Its already night, he asks her to end the matter and talks about the police already seeing them. Since the highway is closed and the way will be cleared only by morning they decide to spend the night in that makeshift dhaba like place. During dinner, Rythm clears the food particle close to Vikas’s lips [YHA tune plays]. She reminisces their past moments henceforth and smiles. As he goes to find the place to stay for night, she starts to speak with her soft toy. She suggests on not being in love and its just friendship. He calls her mad in a good way after she suggests the open place is a good one, bringing smiles. 

He asks why she selected him. She replies of getting a good feeling after seeing his profile. They fight for the blanket. He also reminisces of their past moments and smiles. She wakes up in the morning to find him sleeping bit far from her on a bench. Their fun banter goes on with him asking her to use toothpaste with hand since toothbrush is not available. She shares about telling someone else has kidnapped her and he was her savior. They each college around 10:00 am and he opens-up on her wish to see happy always. He wanted to leave but she earnestly asks him to stay. She was expecting her parents but finds Neelu aunty arriving and gets shattered. She cries by calling nobody loves her. He consoles her and understand how she is feeeling, and hugs her. She speaks of deciding to stay only with him and wants to go far away. They hear the police inspector Patil making an announcement asking Vikas to leave her. Both run [YHA title song plays] and hide against the police.

He suggests to Rythm to worry about her parents and she should shun the ideas and do the right. He asks her to come out of soft toys and face the reality. He suggests about true relationships which will always be there for her. She asks always ? On that note, he confesses his love – I love you Rhytm and will be with her always. She gets tempted and takes the soft toy with her. Soon after, both come to face the police. The inspector Patil ask him to leave her and soon gets surprised to see Rhythm kissing Vikas in order to present the reality and the truth. On that note, Rythm and Vikas’s love story ends.

Rithvik speaks of Rhythm facing the reality and Vikas getting the confidence though earlier he was a introvert. He suggests of not knowing whether Rythm’s parents finally have accepted her love for Vikas. Nonetheless, Rythm’s idea of getting attention was stupid and childish. Given any circumstances, we should not bargain for our safety, that was the signing off message from Rithvik.

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