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Akshara’s daughter Naira participates in Independence day celebration. Akshara has step out of home to help the poor women and is giving speech on the occasion of Independence day celebrations. She is oblivious to the fact that someone is conspiracy against her. She brought food from her hotel Krishna, but Rukmani has thrown the food. Akshara solves the matter in time and makes everyone proud of her once again. Naira, Gayu and Mishti perform in the independence day function.

Women empowerment and social welfare to highlight in Yeh Rishta…

KumKum Bhagya:

This is the big twist coming ahead in the show with a one month leap in the show. Pragya has won by her fate and came back to Abhi’s home by having a makeover. She has turned modern and confident this time. Abhi gets stunned seeing Pragya in her new look. Pragya turns bold and is back in Mehra family with a bang. She hands over the property papers to Aaliya and says she knows her reality. She knows Tanu and Aaliya are against Abhi and does the best thing for her and Abhi. Pragya’s glamorous side makes Abhi happy, but her behavior does not impress him. Aaliya and Pragya get into an argument. Pragya turns deaf ears to her taunts and gives an unexpected reaction to Aaliya. She will get Abhi’s love and take revenge from Tanu and Aaliya.

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Pragya to get total makeover; Abhi and Pragya’s love story to catch pace

Qubool Hai:

Mahira sits in the garden to see the sky and stars by the telescope. Mahira gets surrounded by problems. Azaad saves Mahira from getting shock by the open electricity wire. He has super natural powers and gets to Mahira in time. He holds her hand and pulls her back. Azaad has evil powers in him and Fake Sanam is hunting for the one who has 8 written on his hand. Azaad is the vampire who turns to be Mahira’s savior. Mahira’s step sisters are her enemies, who makes hot tea fall on her hand.


Ishita and Raman celebrate the independence day. Raman is proud of her as she has completed the contract well. Her efforts have paid off well and she has launched the cool drink for the kids. They keep a special party for the launch. Raman goes all praising for Ishita. Ishita gets super glad. Ruhi calls her a superwoman who can do anything. The minister comes there to launch the drink. Raman’s company had the big order and their consignment was getting ruined. The minister checks the drinks getting the info about pesticides. Ishita drinks the juice herself and proves that it’s the best. She makes the minister sure that they did their work well. Ruhi gets Muttu Swamy and they find the defective boxes. The family gets thankful to Ruhi for her smart move. Ishita and Raman get to know about Suraj and Parmeet contaminating the drinks. They get saved by Ruhi’s efforts and Raman gives his success credit to Ishita and Ruhi.

A glorious moment for Bhalla Family…


Shravan and Vidya share a romantic date. Meera spoils their date by faking a wound. She takes Vidya for her aid and can’t see Vidya along Shravan. Meera is confused and feeling she has lost to Vidya. Meera and Vidya are going Rashi and Gopi’s way. Meera is suspicious that family is not safe for Vidya and says she is doing this for Vidya. Vidya wants to clear this misunderstanding before marriage and goes to Shravan. She clears the matter with Shravan. He holds her hand and says he will marry just her. He says he will not keep friendship with any girl. Vidya gets happy. He convinces her for marriage. Vidya gets sure about him and tells Gopi that she got her soulmate in Shravan. Gaura’s son Dharam will be entering Modi Bhavan soon.

Sisters’ tale and rivalry to repeat history in Saathiya…


Ganga salutes the national flag in her school. She is celebrating Independence day in her school and is hosting the function. She has protected the flag from falling down, and bear its weight to save the national flag.


Gayatri is being compelled to get married by her family, and they want her to get married to an old guy Damodar. Gayatri wonders how she can think of someone else than Ranaji. She decides to write letters to Ranaji to express her love, and also to point out her circumstances of her marriage. Will Ranaji get to know of Gayatri’s letters arrival at the palace ? What about the possibility of Ranaji knowing about Gayatri’s love for him ?

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Ishq Ka Rang Safed

Viplav finally realizes his mistakes after his friends explain to him on what Dhaani has gone through and how her Ashram has been ransacked by the villagers. Some of the Viplav’s mistakes were throwing colors at Dhaani, a widow, spiking her drink with alcohol, and so forth. He goes ahead to apologize to her but she in no mood to accept his apology. Will Viplav remain defiant towards his apology getting accepted by Dhaani ?

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Pratima asks Yuvraaj to do anything to keep his relation intact. She asks him to persuade Suhani for keeping the marriage and make her realize his love. She does not know about the divorce drama. Yuvraaj did not confide with anyone about the divorce papers he received. He did not clear things with Suhani, thanks to Rohan who always blocks their meetings. Yuvraaj meets Pankaj and tells him about his desire to keep the marriage. Pankaj sees love in his eyes and still wants to be sure that Yuvraaj will never hurt Suhani again. He challenges Yuvraaj to prove out his love for Suhani infront of everyone, only then Suhani will be back in his life. Lata finds Rohan suitable for Suhani and convinces Pankaj to agree too. Suhani takes a decision to marry Rohan, being mistake about Yuvraaj again. Dadi’s bad plotting affects Suhani and she gives her nod for Rohan. Rohan and Suhani’s marriage preparations start in Suhani’s home and this news makes Dadi very happy. Yuvraaj tries finding ways to get back his love and realizes Rohan is the problem maker.

Bindass Naach:

Bindass Naach, the real-life to TV reality show has begun with its first episode telecast on Bindass TV (last Sunday @ 7 PM). It traces the journey of Shantanu, Macedon, Nimit, Subhash, Neeraj, Anasua, Rohan, Viraj, Harsh and Jack – the Desi Hoppers Team, on their quest to win the World dance competition at Los Angeles. The show thus traces their journey and presents in weekly episodes right from formation, rehearsals, auditions to finally winning the World of Dance (WOD) coveted title.

Bindass Naach presents Desi Hoppers ‘real-life winning quest’ on Bindass TV, kickstarted on 16th August 2015

Desi Hoppers, team of Bindass Naach winning the World of Dance [WOD] competition in Los Angeles, USA yesterday.
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Sandhya and Sooraj come at the same place as decided by their fate. Sooraj’s marriage with Lalima and Independence Day Function happen to be at same place and this connects the Sandhya and Sooraj again. Sandhya has saved Zakir and this raises a question in his mind about her existence. Sandhya is trying hard to fail Chandu’s meeting with Chris. Sandhya will team up with Zakir again. After she successfully does her Mission, her entry back in Rathi home will be having a big twist. Bhabho will show annoyance to Sandhya and blame her for Sooraj’s state. She would rather get unhappy to lose out Lalima and accept Sandhya back just for Sooraj’s happiness.

Tu Mera Hero:

Titu has made all the arrangements to have a Mehmood ji comedy show in Murli Hall. He tries hiding his identity and Vaishaili gets to know that the man imitating Mehmood ji is actually Titu. She teams up with Jatin and tells about Titu. Jatin calls the press meet and challenges Titu to stand against his show. Titu accepts his challenge confidently. Panchi, Surekha and Govind get worried for Titu, and still believe Titu’s immense talent will make him succeed.

Badtameez Dil:

The goon Pinky Bhai with his kidnapping of Meher compels Abeer to come forward to help her. Abeer succeeds in saving Meher, and she regards he showed his courage and responsibility but thats not entirely true. Nevertheless, the recent developments paves the way for their relationship to get better. Later on, Abeer helps Meher’s brother Tunnu in getting out of the gambling racket, and isn’t aware of the upcoming problems. How Abeer & Meher’s relationship is shaped post kidnapping case & upcoming problems (because of Tunnu) ?

Mere Angne Mein:

Shanti asks Kaushalya to do all the rituals soon. Kaushalya is sad by Shanti’s anger and blames on her. Riya gets to hear it and comes there to argue with Shanti. She takes side of Kaushalya. Riya can’t bear Shanti’s accusations on Kaushalya and argues with her. Shanti and Sarla get super shocked seeing Riya’s gutsy side. Shanti feels she has invited trouble by getting Shivam married to Riya. Shivam tells Raghav that he has lost his phone when he got kidnapped. Bindu argues with Sarla and passes some taunts, to which Shanti reacts angrily and speaks in Sarla’s favor.

Amit goes missing; Riya shocks Shanti by supporting Kaushalya

Piya Rangrezz:

Shraddha gets stunned seeing Sher working as before. She gets shaken up seeing Sher using the gun again to show his power and domination over the place. She confronts him for the old avatar and asks why did he cheat her by acting as a caring husband. Sher angrily tells her that he is back to his old form, and all this is just to safeguard his life. She looks at him puzzled. He says my life is you and I m doing this to safe your life. He says he can’t live without her. Shraddha says she will support him and also step in his bad world. She wants Sher to realize the bad things affecting her and then step back from Bhanvari’s world.



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