Naitik gets arrested; Akshara holds Naksh responsible in Yeh Rishta…


yeh ris

Sunny Dhaba’s Sardar ji gets hurt by some reason. The police comes to Singhania house and arrests Naitik. Naitik tries to clarify that he is innocent and tells how Sardar has argued with them. Naitik knows this is some misunderstanding. The Singhania family is worried for Naitik’s arrest and cry. The police takes him in the jeep and leaves. Akshara cries helplessly. Naksh is restless for his dad and knows Sardar has done this intentionally. Akshara scolds Naksh thinking he has beaten up Sardar and he is responsible for Naitik’s arrest.

Naksh did not do anything and is innocent. He tells her that Sardars started the verbal fight and humiliated Naitik. He gets angry seeing Sardar pushing Naitik and warns him publicly. He does not beat Sardar and just scolds him a lot, asking him to be away from Naitik. He does the duty of a good son. The man who poisons Sardar’s mind against Naitik and Naksh is responsible for this incident. The man actually wants to have benefit from Sardars and Singhania’s fight. Naksh will be soon exposing that man’s misdoings and end enmity between Sardars and them, to free Naitik from lockup.


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