Rakhi festival to scare Vibhuti and Tiwari in Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai….?



Tiwari ji decides to send Vibhuti ji to Dubai. Anita’s husband Tiwari ji made the arrangements and calls a Sheikh to send Vibhuti off. Sheikh comes and talks to Vibhuti ji. Anita wants her husband to earn some money and is ready to send him with Sheikh. Vibhuti is not able to hear anything and confusion starts between Angoori and him. She talks to him and he does not react. She gets angry on him. The doctor reaches Vibhuti’s house to check on him, as he is unable to hear anything. Bhabhi ji gets tensed seeing Vibhuti’s condition. The show gets supercomical with Vibhuti getting deaf. Vibhuti ji has turned deaf temporarily and Tiwari ji is taking advantage of his situation.


Later, The Rakhi function is celebrated in the show. Angoori and Anita call the locality men to tie Rakhi to them and start tying Rakhis to their neighbors. Tiwari ji starts avoiding Anita, and Vibhuti avoids Angoori. They don’t wish to fall in trouble by getting the Rakhis on their hands, and this brings new twist as they try to pull each other’s leg. They try to get each other get the Rakhi tied and get their admiration locked, and fall in trouble. This scene will be hilarious to watch. Keep reading.


  1. Hi, it’s Angoori you’re talking about and she’s the one with sarees (yellow one from your banner). And her husband is Tiwari, the guy with a mustache, not Vibhuti.


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