Yuvraaj to break Rohan and Suhani’s alliance in Suhani Si…



Yuvraaj is angry to see Rohan with Suhani. He has got court order to stay with Suhani, but he gets shocked seeing Suhani with Rohan. He asks her why is she doing this, and they have an argument. Suhani has kept Teej fast for Yuvraaj, but she did not think he will come to her home. Rohan does not know about Suhani’s fast. He is doubtful as she does not eat the samosas he gets for her. Soumya asks Suhani to give one chance to Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj is regretting to lose Suhani, and taking Soumya’s help to bring Suhani back in his life. Yuvraaj asks Pankaj asks him to give him one chance to prove his love.

Soumya helps Yuvraaj in finding about Rohan’s truth. Soumya and Sharad tell him about Rohan proposing marriage to Suhani so soon and he is the one behind the divorce step. Though Yuvraaj is not talking to Suhani, he realizes his trust that she can’t hurt anyone. Lata decides to get Suhani and Rohan married, after seeing Rohan’s extreme efforts to keep Suhani happy. She feels Rohan is the right life partner for Suhani, and Pankaj disagrees. Pankaj still has his belief in Yuvraaj, as Yuvraaj has stood with Suhani against his beloved Dadi always. Pankaj asks Lata to think again, and Lata convinces Suhani to give her nod for Rohan.

Suhani is in two minds and does not want to burden Yuvraaj. She agrees to marry Rohan and the marriage preparations start at her home. Dadi informs this to Yuvraaj and he gets more depressing. He meets Pankaj and tells him that Rohan is not a good person and not suitable for Suhani. Pankaj asks him to prove it within 5 days, as Suhani’s marriage is fixed. He challenges Yuvraaj to prove his truth and Rohan’s lie. Yuvraaj will be proving Rohan’ actions and breaks Rohan’s alliance with Suhani. But how will Yuvraaj expose clever Rohan? Will Yuvraaj clear all misunderstandings with Suhani and confess his feelings? Keep reading.



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