Bhanvari marries Aditya; Challenges and politics to begin in Piya Rangrezz



Sher and Shraddha have a romantic moment and they are getting closer. Shraddha makes a dish for Sher, and he likes it. Bhanvari Devi comes home with Aditya after marrying him. Sher asks Bhanvari about Aditya. Bhanvari is unable to meet Sher’s eyes. There will be high drama in the show. Sher and Shraddha does not know about this. But after someone sends Aditya and Bhanvari’s marriage pics taken in the temple, Shraddha gets shocked and tensed seeing the pics. Sher sees Shraddha tensed and asks her to show the envelop. Sher gets stunned seeing it. Sher gets into a business tiff with Aditya post Bhanvari’s marriage.


The show is now focusing on Bhanvari and Shraddha’s challenge. Bhanvari keeps the condition that if Shraddha does not win the three tasks posed by her, then she will be losing Sher forever. She tells Shraddha that she will not interfere in her conjugal life if Shraddha wins over her and proves herself worthy to be part of Sher’s life. She shows the ammunitions to Shraddha as part of her first task, which makes Sharddha tensed. Aditya advises Bhanvari to keep lovers together and cut their roots, as pulling them apart will just make them more closer. Sher confronts Bhanvari about her marriage. Sher and Aditya get in the business war and Sher expects Bhanvari to be on her side. Bhanvari acts to be on Sher’s side and starts supporting Aditya. There will be politics in business and home between both the couples, Sher-Shraddha and Aditya-Bhanvari. Looks like the track will be getting interesting. Keep reading.



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