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Raman and Ishita perform during Romi and Sarika’s marriage function. Everyone is mesmerized by their performance. Ishita welcomes her newly weds Dewar and Dewrani and makes them do the ring finding ceremony. Raman and Ishita give tips to Romi and Sarika for finding the ring. Sarika gets the ring and will rule on Romi all their life. It is said that wife will rule on husband if she wins the ring finding ceremony or vice versa. Sarika thinks Romi has realized his mistakes and will do as she says. Ishita is sad as she got to know that she couldn’t get pregnant. She gets teary eyes with the news and hides her pain from everyone. Ishita will get happiness soon as Shagun will agree to become surrogate mother for Ishita and Raman’s baby.

Shagun’s surrogacy step to affect IshRa in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Naksh and Naitik are going to Jaipur and see a man lying on the road. They get down and try to help the man. The man happens to be a goon and along with other goons threaten them by showing pistol, and snatched car keys, phone and money from them before fleeing from there. Naitik and Naksh walk on the road for a while and try to take help from passerby milk man. The milk man agrees to let them make a call if Naksh gives his shoes. Naksh has to give his shoes to make a call. They try to get lift as everyone is waiting for them at home to celebrate Teej festival.

Teej Celebrations with Naksh’s fun surprises in Yeh Rishta…

Girl Rising: Woh Padegi, Woh Udegi, Special Film

Girl Rising, a special film to motivate and empower girls with education will be telecast this Raksha Bandhan (29th August 2015, Saturday) @ 1:30 PM on Star Plus. Some of the actors/stars – Priyanka Chopra, Alia Bhatt, Nandita Das, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Frieda Pinto have pledged their support to the movement and also take part in the film by taking the role of narrator guiding the viewers in presenting different girl’s stories. Stay tuned to Girl Rising, the movie.

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Neil and Ragini are going to marry each other and compliment each other. They get together for their children’s happiness. They pose for the pics during their marriage functions. Everyone is happy with their union. Neil and Ragini are happy too. Neil and Ragini dance along the kids. Agam says they are very excited. There will be twist in the marriage.


Rana ji gets a shock to see Gayatri as his to be bride on the engagement day and think his marriage arrangement is a deceit. Gayatri saves Rana ji’s life risking her life on their engagement day. Rana ji was attacked by someone and a big stone was thrown on him, and there is a conspiracy against him. Gayatri’s life is in danger also after her engagement with Rana ji. It seems their love will blossom for sure. Gayatri sees Rana ji is looking at her with hatred. Rana ji is lost in his wife’s old memories, rather than thinking about Gayatri. He wants to die and stay with his dead wife in heaven, but his plan fails as Gayatri saves him. Gayatri and Rana ji gets engaged as per Maharani’s wishes, even though Rana ji is hesitant to get engage to Gayatri.

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Tu Mera Hero:

Titu was finding it difficult to do romantic comedy scene with the heroine Priya. Panchi gets to know about this and tells Titu that she trusts him a lot and asks him to do his work sincerely. The director gets pleased by Titu’s talent. At home, Sudheer has trapped Pinky and offered proposal to Agarwal family. Titu convinces Govind to give nod to the proposal as Pinky tensely says she loves Sudheer. Both the families get glad after the marriage gets fixed. Titu finds Pinky crying and asks Pinky to tell complete truth about Sudheer. Pinky tells him about Sudheer’s craze for her and she does not like Sudheer. How will Titu and Panchi break the alliance now, and moreover teach a lesson to Sudheer?


Mohini wants to know Simar’s truth by making her drink magical drink. Simar lifts her veil even before drinking the juice shocking Mohini. Simar’s truth is revealed to Mohini now.


Swara points finger at Ragini and tells everyone that she had tried to kill her on her marriage day. Ragini has done wrong with Swara and tricked Laksh to marry her. Everyone believes on Ragini’s lie and don’t believe on Swara’s truth. Dadi is backing Ragini and helping her. Ragini says she gets shocked when Swara reveals her truth. Ragini starts acting and sheds tears to gain everyone’s trust on her. Shekhar and Sharmistha don’t agree to stay together. Swara has married Sanskar thinking her parents will be united, but it couldn’t happen because of Ragini. Laksh is very much angry with Swara. He gets hurt and Ragini nurses his injury. Swara is going from there and sees Ragini and Laksh together. Laksh closes the door on her face.

Swaragini’s clashes to take a high; Ragini stoops more stumpy…

Mere Angne Mein:

Riya’s dad Anupam comes to take her home for pagphera ritual. Kaushalya taunts them for bringing sweets from halvai rather than bringing home sweets. Shanti forced Kaushalya to speak rudely with Riya’s parents. Shanti changes colors and starts scolding Kaushalya and tries to prove her wrong. Shanti is upto some big conspiracy along with Sarla.


Sundar comes to surprise Dayaben on Rakshabandhan and gives her much happiness. She ties rakhi to him and does all the rituals. They make the Raksha bandhan special and get very emotional. Dayaben misses Jethalal and Tappu at home, when Sundar arrives there. Sundar gives a special gift to Dayaben.


Yuvraaj tries proving Rohan’s truth, while Rohan is also trying his best to ruin Yuvraaj’s image in Suhani and her family’s eyes. Rohan’s step to send the girl to Yuvraaj turns down, as Suhani’s trust on Yuvraaj stays strong. Rohan tries manipulating Lata and Pankaj against Yuvraaj reminding the officials Yuvraaj has sent to them for Pankaj’s arrest. Dadi plans this with Rohan and is ready to ruin Yuvraaj’s image and respect, to get rid of Suhani. Dadi takes a big step against Yuvraaj, which he could not imagine. Rohan takes the 5 day war serious and has Dadi on his side. How will Yuvraaj save himself and expose Rohan?

Tere Sheher Mein:

After Rudra and Dev, its not Rama’s family ladies who have become new enemies of Mathur family. Rama’s Nani really gets a mini volt by the wife and blames Amaya for it. Though Amaya had no idea about it, she was still responsible. Mantu could not bear seeing Amaya’s insult, and holds the electric wire to bear the shock and deny Amaya’s fault in the matter. Amaya observes Mantu’s expressions and how he has saved her from Rama’s family’s anger. Amaya goes to confront Mantu, and they ask each other about the favors they are doing on each other. She asks him about risking his life for her, and Mantu could not stop himself from expressing his love to Amaya. This comes as a blessing in disguise for Amaya, as she does not break her promise to Uma and finally got Mantu’s confession. Amaya will be confessing her love to Mantu too, but how will Uma bear the lovers union shock?


Somendra gets into his aggressive mode and keeps Sarojini’s uncle, aunt and mayank hostage in order to remove the obstacles from his marriage with Sarojini. Sarojini gets teary eyed with Somendra’s actions and informs him of her principled stand on not going against her uncle & aunt wishes. However, Somendra opens-up on loving her with his heart and cannot let anyone marry her. He decides to go ahead with marriage with Sarojini, and have already set-up the priest (pandit) and rituals in place, and vows to see whoever comes to confront him. To his suprise, Somendra’s dad makes an entry with a gun and confronts his son and makes it clear that the marriage won’t happen. Will Somendra & Sarojini go ahead to marry defying their family?

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Piya Rangrezz:

Sher and Shraddha have a romantic moment and they are getting closer. Shraddha makes a dish for Sher, and he likes it. Bhanvari Devi comes home with Aditya after marrying him. Sher asks Bhanvari about Aditya. Bhanvari is unable to meet Sher’s eyes. There will be high drama in the show. Sher and Shraddha does not know about this. But after someone sends Aditya and Bhanvari’s marriage pics taken in the temple, Shraddha gets shocked and tensed seeing the pics. Sher sees Shraddha tensed and asks her to show the envelop. Sher gets stunned seeing it. Sher gets into a business tiff with Aditya post Bhanvari’s marriage.

Bhanvari marries Aditya; Challenges and politics to begin in Piya Rangrezz

Roshni – Ek Nayi Umeed:

Roshni gets upset as her family does not support her and wants her to return to London. Roshni leaves for airport. Vasundara recalls Badri’s words and sees Kishore restless. She gets thinking and Anand asks her to rush and stop Roshni before she boards the flight. Vasundara speeds up in her car and tries catching Roshni’s cab. A truck comes midway and hits Vasundara’s car. Vasundara hits the tree and meets with an accident. Roshni turns to see and misses out to see her mum. Later, Roshni changes her mind and returns home, just to see her family needing her support.

Mona and Sharad to manipulate Rajat; Roshni to join Leela hospital

Dance Plus: 

Actors & Stars: Anil Kapoor and John Abraham, the lead cast of the upcoming movie Welcome Back [releasing on 4th September 2015] will be the celebrity guests on Dance Plus this week. Both of them are awe-struck with Question Mark and V Company’s athletic performances. In particular, Question Mark group with their athletic dance moves depict body weigh-lifting in their dance sequence while being in amazing sychrony. On the other hand, V Company performs on Anil’s hit song My Name is Lakhan (from movie Ram Lakhan, 1989) in Jhakaas style. Anil gets much impressed with the group and comes on stage and dances with them in his Jhaakas style, and appreciates the talent. Stay tuned to Dance Plus this Sunday @ 8 PM on Star Plus.

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Jhalak Reloaded:

Karan Johar will be bidding adieu from Jhalak this week, and Shahid Kapoor marks his re-entry on the show. Shahid and Karan enagage in a fun face-off to mimick elimination. Shahid performs on Gandi Baat song, and Karan grooves on the old melody Naino mein Sapna.. Dil Aagaya song. Karan will be having an emotional send-off with all the contestants complimenting him with a heavy heart and sincere emotions. Sanaya, Shamita, Faisal speak on their camaraderie and Karan’s humble attitude towards them. Karan bid adieu with Lauren’s tribute on Lag Ja Gale song since it is his most loved song. Karan shares how the song reminds him about his dad and compels him to reminisce on eventful memories.

Some other highlights of the show are Sanaya’s dance performance as a bride, which mesmerized all, and her conversation with a fan via Jhalak connect about her diet [Breakfast: Cheese sandwidch, Lunch: Rice & chicken, Dinner: French fries and ice-cream]. Bharti Singh, comedian and actress is also on the show and goes on with her fun banter involving all the judges, and even the host Manish Paul by making children to spoof the judges.  Scarlett, Faisal, Shamita, Mohit, Vivian are some of the contestants who gave entertaining performances – oriental, slow dance, contemporary, pasodouble, south-indian in Rajnikanth mode respectively. Stay tuned to Jhalak this Saturday-Sunday @ 9 PM on Colors TV.

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Dance India Dance 5:

Actor & Stars: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan & Irrfan Khan are the guests on the show and came there for promotion of their upcoming movie Jazbaa (releasing on 9th October 2015). Mudassar Khan, one of the judges begins to stammer and fumble in his dialogue when he tries to speak about Aishwarya’s movies. He couldn’t succeed even in his second attempt and Mithun Chakravarty – Master judge steps in and asks Mudassar to stand beside Aishwarya to get rid of his inhibitions. Aishwarya reciprocates Mudassar’s words on being awe-struck and star-struck with a selfie with him and presents her grace. Stay tuned for this special episode this Sunday @ 9 PM on Zee TV.

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Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Bihaan fails to stop Dhruv from the marriage. Dhruv says none can stop him from marrying Thapki. He hits on Dhruv’s head and makes him unconscious. He does it on Vasundara’s orders. Vasundara cries seeing Dhruv’s state and feels his small pain is better than lifetime sorrows. She makes Dhruv rest in her lap and is worried that Dhruv will be getting conscious in sometime, and then will get adamant again to marry Thapki. She finds just one way to stop Dhruv and Thapki’s union, and Bihaan tells her that this can’t happen. She again emotionally fools him and reminds his longing for a mother’s love. She sends Bihaan in Dhruv’s attire and thus gets him married to Thapki.


Yuvraj and Twinkle are upset with each other. Though Yuvraj apologizes to Twinkle for his bad reactions, she feels she should agree to Leela. She gives her nod to Leela for getting engaged with Kunj. Leela confirms about Twinkle’s yes for Kunj to Manohar. He gets glad and they keep Twinkle and Kunj’s engagement at Leela’s house. Later, Yuvraj and Twinkle sort their issues and does not want this engagement to happen. Even Kunj is against the new relation and wants to seek his mum’s help to stop his engagement with Twinkle. All of them try to stop the engagement by their unique plans. Yuvraj comes in disguise of a bartender and has some big plan to stop the engagement

The Anupam Kher Show:

Actor & Star Irrfan Khan is the guest on the Anupam Kher show this Sunday. Irrfan shares anectodes from his past before his foray into acting and Bollywood. He was told during his growing-up days that in order to grab a role in TV or films you need to go atop a TV tower. He acted on the suggestion and reached atop a mountain close to TV towers and found herds of sheep instead. Irrfan and Anupam has a laugh on that incident. Irfan also shares how he regards his father as his hero, and also couldn’t forget how his hairs were gently caressed by dad with much warmth and love. Irrfan shares many such interesting, exciting, and unknown stories from his childhood days. Stay tuned to the Anupam Kher show this Sunday @ 8 PM on Colors TV.

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  1. Kumkum Bhagya:
    All I know at this moment is that Pragya will scold Abhi and will also ask him to not waste his money as she now owns his office too and she will ask him to tell her when he requires cash. This angers Abhi therefore he refuses. Pragya then behaves rudely with him to ensure that his property and money are safe from the many villains in the show.
    This is all that I have managed to gather about what is going to happen in the next few episodes in Kumkum Bhagya. Pease note that this may not be exactly what happens as I have gathered information from different sources and put them into one. If anyone else has any updates or wishes to correct me then feel free to reply to this comment. I also request the person on this site who writes these spoilers to include Kumkum Bhagya as much as they can because the story is being streched too far and the fans want to see the reunion of Abhi and Pragya very soon. The show is losing a lot of fans due to this reason and I want all the fans to get a sigh of relief when Abhi and Pragya’s story actually progresses to a positive point.


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