Teej Celebrations with Naksh’s fun surprises in Yeh Rishta…


yeh rishta5

Akshara’s family is celebrating Teej festival. Naksh gets an idea and wanted to do something exciting before the Teej festival. Akshara’s house is beeming with full of happiness since they are going to have Teej Puja, and are playing new games before it. Naksh sees everyone sad and thinks to cheer them up by wanting to bring some fun. He comes up with different games and makes everyone enjoy the games. Naksh’s girl friend enters the scene and tells that she is his girl friend since 2 years. Naksh refuses to acknowledge her. Akshara and Naitik get tensed. It turns out to be Naksh’s drama with his friend to tease his parents. Akshara runs after him to beat him. Later on, Naitik and Akshara find time to have romance during the Teej celebrations at home, and share happy moments of togetherness.

Naksh and Naitik are going to Jaipur and see a man lying on the road. They get down and try to help the man. The man happens to be a goon and along with other goons threaten them by showing pistol, and snatched car keys, phone and money from them before fleeing from there. Naitik and Naksh walk on the road for a while and try to take help from passerby milk man. The milk man agrees to let them make a call if Naksh gives his shoes. Naksh has to give his shoes to make a call. They try to get lift as everyone is waiting for them at home to celebrate Teej festival. Keep reading.


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