Naksh convinces Gayu for Rashmi-Sameer’s marriage in Yeh Rishta….


yeh ris

Janmashtami preparations are going on and everyone wants Naksh to become Kanha. Akshara shows Naksh‘s childhood pic when he became Kanha. Naksh refuses to do the play and Naira and Gayu try convincing him. Bhabhimaa praises Naksh for his looks and innocence. The family says just Naksh can do Kanha’s role the best and they succeed in convincing him. They all make thank you cards for Naksh for agreeing for their happiness. Nannu does the Kanha’s role in Maheshwari family and brings smile on everyone’s face.

Naksh does the Kanha act well and breaks the Dahi handi. He looks nice as Krishna. The people pick up on their shoulders and he enjoys the event. He has agreed to do this Kanha act just for Bhabhimaa’s sake. He convinces Gayu for accepting Sameer as her father and Rashmi’s life partner. He makes Gayu realize that Sameer can give much happiness to Rashmi and fill her loneliness. Gayu agrees and Rashmi gets happiness with Sameer. Naksh succeeds in match making again. The family gives the entire credit to Naksh and thank him from their heart. Naksh saves a girl seeing some boys teasing her. The family gets glad to see Naksh possessing all good values like Naitik. Rashmi and Sameer’s marriage track will be next in the show. Keep reading.


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