Sher to rescue Shraddra from Bhanvari’s muddy tasks




Bhanvari tells Shraddha that she is not a foolish woman to believe Shraddha so soon. Bhanvari is training Shraddha to aim the target and use the gun. She wants to make Shraddha learn shooting and challenges her to show her capabilities to match Sher. Bhanvari hears Sumer and Shraddha of loading fake bullets in the gun and their plan. Bhanvari gives the real gun to Shraddha and takes her along in the car for the first day of her training. She asks Shraddha to shoot the man and wants to test Shraddha. She is sure Shraddha will not be able to shoot the man and lose out in her challenge.

Bhanvari Devi is testing Shraddha. She gives her the loaded gun and asks her to shoot someone. Shraddha cries and says she can’t take anyone’s life. Bhanvari drags Shraddha and forces her to shoot. Shraddha calls out Sher for help. Bhanavri reminds Shraddha the tests. Shraddha has passed in two tests and this is the final one. Bhanvari wants Shraddha to lose out and leave from Sher’s life forever. Sher is not present at home. Bhanvari uses this situation when no one is at home. Bhanvari pulls the trigger and Shraddha gets shocked. Bhanvari plans to get Aditya killed by Shraddha. Sher will be the one to intervene in Bhanvari and Shraddha’s challenge. Keep reading.


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