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Median zing spoilers


Meera decides to attend Vidya’s sangeet and is allowed by Kokila. During the sangeet function, Gaura asks Kokila to dance with her on Vidya and Shravan’s sangeet and tells they will reminisces their childhood memories. Kokila refuses to dance and just stands with her. Gaura gives her promise to dance with her, else warns to trouble her grand daughter Vidya all her life. Kokila has no choice, but to agree. Gaura pushes Kokila intentionally and makes her fall on stage. She already warned her to practice dancing, else she may fall down. Meera performs dance during the function and then Gopi joins her. Gopi gets teary eyed as Vidya will go to her inlaws home leaving them.


Swara mixes truth medicine in Ragini’s drink and she starts confessing to her crimes infront of family. She then realizes that she was given medicine by Swara. She accuses Swara for giving her truth medicines and instructed her to said wrongly. Swara asks this type of medicine doesn’t really exist. Ragini says it exists and she knows as she gave that medicine to her before. Everyone get shocked with the revelation. Swara tells that’s it, she wanted her to confess. This game is played by Swara which Ragini already played. Laksh blames Ragini for trying to kill Swara and then trapping him to marry her. Ragini gets shocked and thinks everything is falling off from her hand. She acts to faint to take Laksh at her side. Ragini will come with some trick and makes Laksh fall in her trap again. She knows how to win the lost battle and makes Laksh hates Swara again.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi comes somewhere in the night and cries as he feels Pragya is torturing his family. He cries in Pragya’s love and is doubtful about her doings. He thinks where to go, oblivious to the fact that Pragya is waiting for him at home. Suddenly Police comes and arrests him. Agent Raghav will be entering the show and will free him. Pragya will soon expose Tanu and Aaliya. She will accuse Tanu of stealing the money from her room and shows proof to Abhi. Tanu will be shocked and struggle for an answer. Abhi is surprised and wonders what compelled Tanu to steal the money.


Sarla has done some conspiracy against Kaushalya. Shanti starts acting and tells she is the only bad in the house so she should die. She starts striking her head against the wall, but Namita stops her. Shanti tries to save Sarla and do the drama. Sarla doesn’t want to stop Shanti and is happy seeing the drama. She just stands, letting Shanti do the drama. She is always upto some conspiracy, and observes the situation first.


Gayatri gets ready as a bride and is happy. Rana ji comes to the mandap with the baraat and gets shocked looking at the decorations. He loses his cool and asks who did the decorations. Everyone stays silent as they don’t want to be bear Rana ji’s anger. Actually the mandap decorations is similar to his past and reminds him of his marriage with his first wife. He fumes and leaves the mandap angrily. Raj Mata follows him and emotional blackmails him reminding him of the promise which he made to her. While Rana ji refuses to marry Gayatri, Raj Mata threatens to cut her nerves and embrace death, if he doesn’t agree. Gayatri hears them and is shocked. Finally, Rana ji agrees to her sayings and comes to mandap to marry Gayatri. There are many people who are conspiring against him while being in his palace.


Angoori beats Tiwari ji with a wooden rod as she mistaken him to be Jagmohan Tiwari. He has to pay the price for eyeing Bhabhi ji. It all happened when he was entering home silently, and Angoori beats him making him leave the house. He gets beaten by Anita also before coming here. He is doing the double role drama and Angoori is thinking him to be Jagmohan. He has to make his wife believe that he is not Jagmohan, but Manmohan. He takes his mum in law’s promise and tells that he is Manmohan. Angoori scolds him for taking her mum’s promise. However he convinces her, and she opens the door regretting to beat him.


Viplav goes to help Dhaani and Ashram ladies and goes against Dasharath unknowingly. When Tania informs Viplav that Ashram is locked, even though he got the stay order, Viplav comes to the Ashram and sees the women suffering. Dhaani asks him to leave from there and refuses to take his help. Viplav brings food for the Ashram ladies and asks Dhaani not to refuse food as it is not Uttaran or Chadawa. Viplav helps the women get back their Ashram after approaching DM to take action against the persons locking the Ashram disobeying the court rules. Later, when Dhaani’s bangles break because of him, he promises to bring colorful bangles for her.


Yug gets shattered after the thunderstorm took away his shelter and boats. His dreams to buy a big house for his lady love Sophia breaks down, but he gets happy as his friends were saved. He goes to his friend’s house and sees his wife beating him as he asked him to stay in his house. Yug comes to the Palekar house without realizing that he actually came to the ghost house. However as he is in need of shelter, he gets in the house and witness strange things happening around him. Soon he will make friendship with the ghost family, and become their loved one. The ghost family will help him to get his childhood love Sophia, with a hidden motive though which will be revealed later.

Balika Vadhu:

Disa beats Kundan mercilessly for trying to rape Nimboli. However, Nimboli manages to protect herself and comes home with the Police. The corrupt Police officer informs Akhiraj about Kundan’s doings. When Akhiraj comes home and sees Kundan’s condition, he warns Disa asking how dare is she to beat his son. Disa gets angry and warns to ruin his son’s life if he do the mistake again. Akhiraj gets stunned seeing Disa not worrying about herself and is not scared of him. He decides to stay silent till he win in the elections and then throw Disa and Kamli out of house. Urmila supports Nimboli and goes against her husband. Pooja’s pregnancy news will be revealed to Jagya’s family soon and this will bring a new twist.

Jamai Raja:

Sid expresses his disappointed when Roshni decides to give Ayesha to a couple for adoption. While she packs Ayesha’s stuff, Sid asks her to keep Ayesha’s painting also. Although Roshni loves Ayesha, but she is doubtful if she will be able to take good care of the girl and therefore decides to let Ayesha stay with a childless couple. When the couple come to take Ayesha, Roshni realizes her motherly feelings towards Ayesha and refuses to let her go with the couple, going against DD. DD gets shocked and angry at Sid for adopting an orphan girl. After Sid and Roshni adopting Ayesha, the story will take a new turn.



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