Ishita’s assumed death and short leap to occur in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


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Ishita drives the bus which has time bomb kept in it. Raman and Ishita’s family is going to the Mata Rani temple to thank the goddess as everything is well in the family and Ishita conceive the baby. Just then driver Chand informs them that the bomb is placed inside the bus and if the speed lowers than 60 then bomb will explode and then he jumps from the bus to save his life. Ishita sits on the driver’s seat having no option left and drives the bus. She gets tensed as the bomb may explode if she lowers the speed below 60. All the family members get tensed. Raman is in the car and calls Ishita assuring her that nothing will happen to her as he is with her. Raman panics and determines to save Ishita and her unborn baby who didn’t come in the world yet.


Ashok knows about Chand planning the attacks on Adi and recollects Chand asking money for his son’s treatment. He thinks Chand wants to kill Adi as he thinks he is still attached to him. He thinks what would Raman do to save Adi. Raman has exposed Ashok’s wrong business doings, so Ashok also wants to take revenge on them, therefore decides to stay silent. However Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi manage to come out of running bus through the help of Police and Raman. Adi and Ruhi will be stuck in the bus with Ishita. Meanwhile, Raman manages to save Ruhi and kids, but will not be able to save Ishita. Ishita will presumably die in the show, but rest assured she will come back after the leap with her baby. This scene resembles like the one in hollywood movie “SPEED”. Keep reading.


  1. why the writters do not want ishra’s have some unforgettable movements during her preganancy if ishita died persuambly means again shagun will reenter in raman’s life if it has happen means raman did not love ishita truly
    he is the most selfish man in the world already bhall family is the selfish one
    if ishita was not enter in raman’s life he could not get any happiness which one
    was not given by shagun also shagun may be bad like before she never be good
    at any cause she became good by ishita’s only idotic writter why the want
    split always favourite couple why the copying screen paly from DABH

  2. I think all will be saved and lshita will die so, after some time, shagun and raman will get back together for their children and since, raman was impressed its the same shagan, he won’t have problem after while. But, if ishita is to be back, then, maybe she will enter her house which is now the raman and shagans and ishita will wed that doctor that likes shagan right now. Raman and shagun will support ishita And help her see that she needs to move on now. Baby will have docs last name and The end 🙂

  3. I think Ishita being lost and then coming after a leap with memory loss and a baby will make the drama more interesting instead of her losing the baby.


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