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I have watched every drama serials whether it be an Ekta Kapoor to a QH Makers show to every production house show. The one thing which irks me off is why the writer doesn’t stick to the story-line. I mean they made a show for a purpose and obviously for entertainment. But, I am sorry to say they have no logic in their show. For once, I thought that Qubool Hai would be a drama about the lives of Muslim people and how a girl named Zoya would reunite to brother’s family. This was the main concept of the show.


But, after that QH ruined it by getting Zoya married to Ayaan and then people hated it so much. She then reunited Asad and Zoya who are our OTP (One True Pairing). Secondly, she made the male lead look so dumb infront of the female lead. Yes I know Zoya was a girl from America with a broad-minded thought and she comes and changes the male lead from an angry young man to a romantic hero who understands about relationship as well as feelings. The show has put up everything comprising of black magic and witch craft. She made evil look so stronger than God.

Not only that as there are leaps in the show. The main female lead Surbhi Jyoti from being a modern girl in the first season she turns to look like a village girl. When there is a leap everything changes the fashion sense, the thinking sense, the talking sense. Everything. It just keeps going backward not forward. I mean Hello we live in the 21st century world. People don’t really dress-up like backless dresses while focusing Muslim Fraternity. This show need to stop. I Hope this is the last season of Qubool Hai. I hope to see Surbhi Jyoti in a new show. Because seriously, this girl deserve a lot more. She is a talented girl just getting wasted.

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  1. Absolutely agree. Serials look so promising to begin with and its just so frustrating when they begin to add unnecessary drama, twists and turns and forgot the initial concept.

  2. Qubool hai ssk and sns are most horrible moronic idiotic shows in indian television ! Waise to saare hi hai par ye 3 top pe hai:-D
    I wonder why good actresses like sj and aditi want to waste their time in dis stupid show! Too many loop holes ! Suddenly mahira braces appear and sueddenly dey disappear! Razia one more irritating character! I lloved alka kaushal in queen! I wonder why she has to do all dis nonsense! Thankfully qh isnt even getting trps so I am hopeful of its early closure. But high trps of ssk n sns make me wonder about the intelligence level n iq of indian audience! Seriously tv now is an Idiot box meant to satisfy idiots! N no more a source of entertainment!


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