Raman to convince Ishita for surrogacy step…


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Raman wants a make a fresh start. He loves Ishita a lot and is worried of her sadness. He wants to make Ishita have her own baby and meets Manoj. Manoj tells Raman that there are still chances that Ishita can become a mum. Raman gets glad and asks is he saying really. Manoj tells Raman about the surrogacy way to get a child, and gives a hint of that possible thing. Manoj tells him that he is just a doctor and wants to make Ishita’s pregnancy treatment successful. Raman does not know how to convince Ishita about surrogacy. Ishita tells him that she is happy and does not want to go ahead to plan a child by surrogacy.

Ishita is in pain and appears to be normal and happy so that Raman does not get sad. Ishita takes care of Raman and entire family to show she is happy with them and losing the baby did not break her. Ishita does not like the surrogacy idea and is against it, as she already has children. Everyone in the family is sad, but Ishita is content, that the family is safe and also her children. Raman gets determined to agree to Manoj’s suggestion and convince Ishita for the surrogacy step. He takes her Ishita to meet Manoj and hopes she agrees. In upcoming track, Raman would be thanking Shagun for agreeing for helping Ishita. Keep reading.


  1. Its silly to think how foolish the writer is to think by gettng a baby through surrogacy will help ishita to feel the feelong of being a mum…. its just like having ruhi and adi… if ishita wants to be a mum she has to do the delivery. She already showers her love to two kids delivered by shagun amd now third also by shagun …hahaha what a joke…. no difference between this kid and adi and ruhi all are from shaguns womb the dffrence s that the egg is ishitas and more over this kid will create a big scene by seperating the family and older kids from ishita. How cheat….


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