Chakor to rescue Imli; Rocky still unaware of Vaibhavi’s truth in Udaan…



Chakor prays to Ganpati to get Imli in the special Ganpati Utsav along Thapki, Swara and Ranveer Singh. Thapki brings Imli in the same pandaal. Chakor catches a sight of Imli and gets happy. She runs to meet Imli, and Babu catches Imli. Babu takes away Imli. Thapki and Swara ask Chakor to make an announcement on the stage for get her sister. Vaibhavi gets irked seeing Swara supporting Chakor. She gets helpless to watch this silently in Rocky’s presence there. Chakor sees Bau taking Imli and informs Rocky. She asks Rocky to help her. Rocky rescues Imli fro Babu. Chakor and Imli get saved and hug happily. Chakor thanks Rocky for his timely help. Chakor does not know Vaibhavi runs the organ racket. She greets Rocky’s mum Vaibhavi and is glad meeting her.

Vaibhavi acts sweet to Chakor and Imli. She asks Rocky to bring them home, as he finds happiness with Chakor. Rocky asks Chakor to come along. Abha calls Arjun and tells him about Imli’s kidnapping. Arjun tells Abha that her friend inspector Pratap Singh is actually working for the goons. Abha gets shocked and asks Arjun to bring back Chakor and all the kids safely back to Aazaadgunj, as their parents are losing hope now. Will Rocky know Vaibhavi’s truth of being the organ racket runner on pretext on running an NGO? Keep reading.


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