Riya’s entry back in Shanti Sadan to change Shanti’s domination…


mere angne mein

Sarla provokes Shanti against Kaushalya inorder to get a Chandrahaar from Raghav. Shanti keeps Kaushalya away from Raghav and scares her saying about getting Raghav remarried. She taunts Kaushalya saying Pradeep did not give them anything to get a qualified brother in law Raghav. She tells Kaushalya what is Raghav’s worth. Kaushalya gets more shattered. Shanti and Nimmi have a tiff at home. Kaushalya tries keeping Nimmi away as Riya is going to be back home. Kaushalya does not want Riya to see the drama.

Sarla thinks to sell the photo frame with her dad’s photo. She gets angry on Rani for shopping whole day and spending money. Rani tangles Sarla asking about her dad’s photo. Sarla gets tensed as Shanti can get to know this. Rani and Riya start bonding well. Rani tells Riya that Shanti is not as she looks and Riya gets confused. Shanti has kept a good act infront of Riya for a day or two. Riya returns after her pagphere. Shanti finds difficult to undercover her domination in Riya’s presence. Riya and Shanti will be getting against in the coming track, where Riya will refuse to give her earnings to Shanti. Keep reading.


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