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Manmarzian was one of the shortest running and amazing shows of Indian television. It was the story of Radhika, Samaira, Neil and Arjun who had different lifestyles, different views, different ambitions and their story went through many phases of life and emotions such as friendship, love, hate, marriage, happiness and sadness. Everyone would have liked to watch on tv if it could run for more months. The show was a good run on online sites and was quite a hit famous one by the actor. I want to highlight this to Star Plus that it is not always the serial’s mistake in low TRPs. The show could have improved well with time.

Whatever happened, I would love to watch its season 2. My request to Star plus is PLEASE DON’T MEASURE THE SERIAL WITH ONLY ITS TRP, try and see the fan following on internet. See the comments on websites and think over the petitions of fans not to end the serial on social media. Serials are to provide entertainment. Make it run to make fans get their loved shows.


TR would like to thank Dia for her input.

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  1. I totally agree with you! Star plus lost a great show just by running after TRP. It’s not TRP that always matters; content matters as well! Manmarzian should’ve run longer or it should come back with a season two. Such shows with a strong concept and a bunch of amazing actors is very rare on India TV. Combination of story, cast, set up is just splendid! Star Plus sadly failed to recognise it’s worth.

  2. I agree with her… One of the best show. Ever…. Y starplus only supports saas bahu serials.. Amazing serial… This type of serials.. They could have encouraged atleat weakends .. Once in a week ..like humtv serials….at least start season 2 .. At least on week ends ..u can give some time to this type of serials..

  3. One of the best serial ever.. Start season 2 on week ends… Saturday and Sunday. One hour atleat.. Support this type of serials in weekends.. Starplus only telecast pure saas bahu serials

  4. When u telcast this show at 10:30 and u talk about trp… Telecast this manmarziyan at 7:30 and see the trp.. Only ekta is ruling in Hindi channels

  5. When u telcast this show at 10:30 and u talk about trp… Telecast this manmarziyan at 7:30 and see the trp.. Only ekta serials iareruling in Hindi channels

  6. Agree with u ,it was such a beautiful show n it was loved by so many people even though it did not last long .Sp lost a great show ,it had always been partial towards DYM .

  7. i was very disappointed when this serial ended, it is so painful that starplus does not encourage youth oriented serials, they air it in odd hours when some people are asleep and expect a miraculous trp rise which is not possible, i have also noticed that starplus do not really care about what the fans of this serial they pull out of air say or feel, once some “big Aunt” does not approve of it, some youth oriented serials have suffered the same fate in the past and some are still suffering from it just because their is no saas babhu drama in these serials, they cut short the lives of these characters not allowing them come to their full potentials, they hurriedly end the shows living their fans disappointed and heartbroken,when i watch Mere Agne Meh i wonder what that show is still doing on air, this saas bhabu is really killing this t.v station, if starplus will at least listen to their fans and bring on air the season 2 of manmarzian and give it an early time slot with the first 4 major characters on board and bring in some few more interesting characters, less vamps and more romance and some moral lessons to spice up the show, they will see that this serial will be a big hit, please starplus, i am pleading for you to stop disappointing us time and time again, consider your younger viewers, we are not that interested in watching some over dragged saas bhabu serials all the time, we the younger viewers will be grateful if our humble requests are granted.

  8. Yes really .. Starplus only show saas bahu serials.. Saas give some tasks to bahuu…bahu need go do it
    .and for that task they will drag for a week and rsome evil persons in the house spoil it … Please show some message oriented serials.. Manmarziyan such a wonderful serial.. Ended so soon.. Many many of this serial a re waiting for season 2../ I don’t think starplus will give tomeslot to season 2… Atleat they should telecast in hotstar like badtameez dil.. Even the show is telecasted at 10:30 .. Viewers are more.. Y this mere angan mein time slot is 1 hour.. One sided negatively serial have good trp ratings

    I don’t believe.. Waiting for manmarziyan season 2 in hotstar..

  9. i disagree with you Nitish, the characters played their roles to perfection, yes i agree that there were some errors here and there but it happens in other shows as well and that does not mean that the characters were not convincing, i am telling you no other actor would have played the roles and characters the way those actors did, they did justice to their respective characters and the show in general, as of the show ending because of that, i totally totally disagree with you, the show ended because there was no saas bahu drama that will drag for months on end, all the scenes and episodes aired were always sharp and on point,no unnecessary twists and drags, my opinion is that, the show ended because some “BIG AUNTIES” did not agree with the story line of having mainly young actors as the main characters which then affected the trp since starplus do not take online views into account.


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