Yuvraaj to oppose Bhavna and Rishi’s marriage in Suhani Si…



Suhani and Yuvraaj’s Grah pravesh is next. Pratima does their aarti, tilak and grah pravesh. Everyone appear happy finally and Dadi could not stop the wedding. Yuvraaj and Suhani have remarried and Suhani is entering the home for the second time. They are making a new start. Yuvraaj promises Suhani that this new start will be very beautiful and happy for them. Suhani is in fairyland now. as Dadi has accepted her. Yuvraaj’s love confession has made Dadi accept Suhani. Yuvraaj jokes he will not lift Suhani as he does not wish to get a backache, he is not so strong. Suhani gets annoyed. Their nok jhok starts and looks sweet after long sad track.

Suhani and Yuvraaj’s new start will be cheerful. Whereas Bhavna’s husband Amit will die in the show. Amit’s mum Sudha will be asking Bhavna’s hand for her other son Rishi. Amit meets with a fatal accident and thus Bhavna and her newborn baby lose him. Sudha suggests to Pankaj to get Rishi and Bhavna married, so that she can have her grandchild with her. Rishi has a good image in Bhavna’s home, but Bhavna and Yuvraaj know his truth. Bhavna who is already shattered gets worried seeing Rishi’s clever cheap tricks to get related to her. Yuvraaj supports Bhavna and encourages her to take a stand against Rishi, by exposing his true face to everyone. How will Bhavna expose Rishi? Keep reading.



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