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KumKum Bhagya airs on Zee tv. The show with unexpected twist and makes viewers annoyed. How many times will they show Pragya’s kidnapping in the show. And this time makers wanted to show kidnap and rape.. Even for the negativity there is a limit. Don’t show always evil wins. We really don’t need that type of scenes in the serial that reflects the outside world badly. Why for the evil episode. There is a publicity about KB upcoming melodrama episode. Why there is a need of publicity for evil doings? It is not any happy news to cheer for. Makers please change the track.


What happened to this YHM serial? Even I stopped watching this serial. This serial definitely need to go off air. When the family unites after misunderstandings and when Ashok went to jail. They are dragging this serial. Some concepts like surrogacy is introduced.. Why they need to show Rinky’s murder. The serial had a super story like step mother will show true love to kids. Such an excellent theme of the serial is thrown out. It’s getting really boring now.

About Mere Angne Mein, this serial was OK till Shivam marriage. By watching this serial, I m getting a doubt in which generation I m leaving. How can Star plus encourage this type of serial? Only evil motives between families and much evil elderly Dadi. One sided negativity serial. This really impacts more on the society about abuse of women. Please show some serials which increase a the family values like love and trust along with some healthy mindset. A lot people watch this serial. It really creates major impact in the society. Star plus always take a major part in women empowerment. Give shows like which increases human values. Recently started Sumit Sambhal Lega is good initiative. I feel really tense free watching it.

TR would like to thank Mugdha Aarushi for this input.

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  1. We don’t want to see rape and kidnapping scene in kumkum bhagya …. The viewers are getting annoyed ….

    Its a request to producer and makers of kum kum bhagya please change the track and expose Aliya , tanu and raj for wrong doings ..

  2. Well its not a twist …. Its a big tragedy in kum kum bhagya serial .. Its a request please change the track … Viewers are getting annoyed …

  3. we dont wants to rape and kidnap scene … please change the track and expose aliya and tanu for wrong doings … it will be a big tragedy if it happens…
    And please add
    some interesting scenes among abhi and pragya, you show some meaning in kumkum bhagya not by showing heroine kidnap rape scene, it Is very ridiculous.

    viewers are getting annoyed …

  4. Writer of this show has gone mad… writer is going to make the viewers hate this serial… .. y making fuss in pragya nd abhi life.. Make some change in aliya and tanu lfy.. Please expose them and let abhi and pragya be happy…

  5. Superbbbb…well said… I love watching sumit sambhal lega…. I don’t know. Yy ekta kapoor is introducing crime scenes in the serial…yhm and kukkumbagaya need to go off air . really boring

  6. Even zeetv sarojini is also very pathetic show like mere angan mein.. I don’t know how could they do serials like this.. I really want to appreciate starplus for telecasting sumit sae lega such an amazing serial .. Actors are really apt for the roless.. Doing superbb .. Superbb serial.. Simran entry and rajma recipie.. Everything is superbbbb and clear.. No twists .. Common starplus end era of this saas bahu evil melodrama.. Only u can do it..

  7. Makers of YHM have gone made….there is no need of surrogacy…. D show is a unique bcoz it shows that heart relations are imp than bld rltins… BT Raman always say that he wants ishita’s own baby that means he still can’t accept ishita as Adi ruhi’s mom…… Ishita is happy with adiruhi….. Y shagun is given toooo much impo…. Yyyyyyyy ????? I think d makers should end d show happily instead of showing dis track….. They are also ruining Raman’s character….. YHM fans are not interested in Raman shagun closeness….

  8. Yes really.. Jahnavi.. Yhm and kukkumbagaya both need to go off air.. Boring.. Just dragging .. Nothing else…no new Story… And I also agree with mugdha that sumit sambhal lega is good iniative… And really superbb serial

  9. Yes jhanvi ,i totally agree wid u.yhm ko kyo bekaar banAne me lgi h ekta mam pta ni. Or sagun k raman ki taraf se itni importance.not done 4 ishu.now I wll nt watch dis serial

  10. i think all the writers of these shows in general should revisit their scripts from the first episode when this shows were first aired and retrace their steps because they have totally deviated from what i call the base story line, and the writers have become so unstable and i think confused as well, with all the unnecessary twists and in the case of Mere Agne Meh too much antagonism, and these shows are portraying women in a very bad light which is not supposed to be so, women are not that wicked, manipulative. we are not all that some of these shows are portraying us to be, we are not always at the receiving end of all the social vises in our society, these shows have become too men oriented and women disoriented that they have now become very boring to watch. i think the writers of this shows should retrace their steps and show something positive that have women oriented betterment as it’s base if not, I’m sorry to say but these shows will remain a bakwas to me.


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