HAVE YOUR SAY!! — Sshine on Sarojini



I can’t understand why all channels are bringing old traditions, unworthy to know superstitions back in all shows. Sarojini was like an educated girl standing against her orthodox dominant father in law. Initial episodes showed romance of Sarojini and Somendra. Somendra was like doing anything to get her and won her heart. After getting married, the man is not taking any stand for her. Where do we see having bath by cow dung in this generation, that’s too much humiliation for a daughter in law. Sarojini has lost all her educational smartness, courage and bold behavior which were seen only in few episodes.

Why did the girl turn so obedient to evil rules? Why does not she not speak up for herself? Where did her dare and justice seeking character go now when she is insulted everyday in her in-laws home? I wanted to see more of Sarojini changing the society, but I got much disappointed seeing the show. It is strange how shows are changing story and track from the initial episodes. Sarojini does not mean like its title now. It said about Sarojini … that is name of a change, but nothing happened so far. When will Sarojini get bold and daring again? I m looking forward for some good positive track.

TR would like to thank Sshine for her input.

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