Heartbroken Gayatri departs from Rana ji’s RajMahal in Ek Tha Raja…



Rana ji recalls his wedding night and his first wife. Gayatri was waiting to meet Rana ji on their wedding night. Rana ji does not have any feelings for Gayatri and have many misunderstandings. He scolds Gayatri saying she has become his Rani, but can’t become his wife. She confronts him about their marriage. He calls their marriage a compromise. Gayatri runs out of the palace and sits crying outside in the rain and mud. Rana ji comes to her and holds her being concerned seeing her shattered. Gayatri does not forget Rana ji’s annoyance and takes a decision.

Gayatri is saddened and has left Rana ji’s palace. She has come back to her mum’s house. She hugs her mum and cries. Her mum does not know what really happened and understands there is some tension. Gayatri always has problems in her life according to her kundli. Her mum knows Gayatri has always accepted challenges and won, so she is confident that Gayatri will win over all the problems even this time. Keep reading.



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