Ragini kidnaps Sharmishta; Laksh fails to stop Swara-Sanskaar marriage



Sanskaar asks Ragini to stop the wedding and kidnaps Laksh to make Ragini say the truth. Ragini does not agree as she fears to lose Laksh. Sanskaar threatens to kill Laksh. Ragini does not mend her ways and kidnaps Sharmishta. She threatens Swara to tell the fake marriage truth. Laksh is taken to the river side and meets Swara there. She tells Laksh the entire truth of Ragini and he does not believe her. He gets upset and leaves from there. Laksh meets with an accident and realizes Swara told everything true. He decides to stop Swara and Sanskaar’s marriage.

Swara wants Laksh to come and stop the marriage, but Swara and Sanskaar have got married. While taking the pheras, they pray that Laksh comes and stops the wedding, but Laksh didn’t come and marriage happens. Even Sujata tries to stop the wedding and gets unwell seeing them married. Laksh recalls Swara’s true love and how Ragini separated them. Swara regrets seeing Ragini falling so slow. Laksh comes to the venue and gets shocked seeing them married. Swara’s heart is crying now, she did not imagine this would happen. Laksh came running to his love after knowing the truth of Ragini’s evil, he wanted to stop the marriage. Ragini’s plan got successful and they didn’t have any other reason to skip the marriage. How much will Ragini fall to get Laksh? What will Laksh do now? Keep reading.



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