Ranvir’s secret replica to shock Ishani in Meri Aashiqui


meri aash

Ranvir is becoming forgetting things and has got short term memory loss. Ranvir takes the medicines and requests Ishani to not annoy him more. She asks why did he eat so many tablets in one go, she has just asked him to have medicines on time. She is worried for his headache and irritation, he had many incidents which disturbed him. He is troubled as he is forgetting things and staying lost. She fights with him and then hugs him being concerned for him. She apologizes to him.

A girl Manisha tells Ishani that Ranvir is a phycho, he is not a good man. Ishani slaps Manisha. Ishani can’t believe that Ranvir has misbehaved with Manisha. Manisha says Ranvir is mentally retarded and getting treatment. Ishani says she knows Ranvir since childhood. Manisha gets Ishani to hospital to show Ranvir’s true face, but doctor changes his statement. Ishani feels Manisha is creating misunderstanding between them. Ranvir’s second avatar/duplicate will be coming infront of Ishani soon, which will shock her. Keep reading.



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