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Laksh and Sanskaar have a fight. Swara and Ragini look on. Sanskaar kills Laksh and stabs the knife. This shocks Ragini and Swara. Something went wrong in their arguments that they both started fighting. Laksh has made Sanskaar and Swara marry by Ragini’s insistence. Laksh now knows Swara’s innocence and loves her again. He did not know the result of Swara and Sanskaar’s marriage. Laksh knows Sanskaar loves Swara. Ragini has sent the newlyweds to spend time after marriage. Laksh could not bear Swara with Sanskaar and went to see Swara. Sanskaar gets angry seeing Laksh after Swara post their marriage. Ragini pleads Sanskaar to stop and not beat Laksh. Sanskaar gets more provokes and stabs knife in Laksh’s stomach. This time, Swara was also against Ragini and did not stop Sanskaar from beating Laksh. It seemed as if its another plan from Swara and Sanskaar.

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Sooraj succeeds in freeing Sandhya. They come to a junk storage house and they try to find the remote of the nuclear bomb. Garjana has made the bomb and Sandhya had thrown the bomb before getting caught. They get the remote in the junk items. Sooraj is glad that his wish to get his wife has fulfilled. Sooraj now wants to fulfill Sandhya’s wish to defuse the nuclear bomb and secure the country being a dutiful police officer. Sandhya has courage and is finding the bomb in the hunger struck state. Sandhya tells Sooraj about defusing the bomb soon, before Pushkar gets affected.


Sumit has an argument on Aaliya’s essay. He did not like the essay and argues with Maya and Dolly. Sumit tears the paper. Sumit wants Aaliya to praise him in the essay. Maya and Dolly compete to get the essay written on themselves. They want to get more importance and want to get applauded.


RV and his lookalike are shown. Ranvir has been blamed to misbehave with Nimisha. Sharman tells Ishani about Ranvir’s bad behavior. Ishani blindly trusts Ranvir. Ishani says she knows Ranvir since childhood and trusts him. Ranvir’s lookalike Milan is doing the misdeeds and trying to spoil Ranvir’s name. Milan will be separating Ranvir and Ishani.

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Indravati asks Simar whom was she talking on phone. Simar says no one, I was thinking when will Prem and Toli get fine. Indravati says she will keep a big puja to free Prem and Roli, and entire Bharadwaj family will have to attend it. She says she will return after giving happiness to Simar. Simar makes excuse and leaves, while thinking whose call was it. Indravati says deceive happens even in these times. Indravati plans to ditch Simar, while Simar gets an old pic of Simar in Indravati’s diary. Indravati wants to revenge from Simar, whom she regards Padmavati. Indravati lost the dance competition and her love to Padmavati in her old birth. Simar has come to a haveli where she has got a past link. Simar is actually a rebirth of Indravati’s sister Padmavati. Simar was a dancer and used to show dancing art. Simar sees Indravati and her pic on the wall, and its written they both used to be dancers. Indravati and Padmavati died in the haveli, where Indravati did not get peace and took rebirth. Simar gets the ghungroos and reads the note on the wall.


Thieves come to rob in Singhania House. Akshara is alone at the house. The thieves threaten her and underestimate the women power. She beats the thieves single handedly, and saves the house. Naitik gets the police at home, and till then Akshara becomes the hero in the scene. Akshara gets all her frustration on the thieves. Naksk’s love interest will be entering the show, where Akshara will be busy to get secure about Naksh’s future life.


Tiwari gets a new getup to donate blood in the blood donation organized by Anita. Tiwari ji has become a gentleman and is trying to impress Anita. Angoori sees him and asks what happened to him. Tiwari ji faints after donating blood. Vibhuti used this chance and slaps Tiwari seeing him unconscious. Angoori tries to make him conscious bv making him smell stinking socks. Tiwari gets conscious. Vibhuti hides and troubles Tiwari. Tiwari asks for a glass of milk, which Vibhuti spoils. Tiwari spits it and asks Angoori about mixing something in it. Vibhuti enjoys Tiwari’s state.


Sid takes care of Shabnam and tells Roshni that this conduct of DD is not justified. If wrong happened with DD, it does not mean she will kill anyone. Roshni gets speechless. Sid rescues Shabnam, while she was thrown in the waters, being locked in a box. Sid can’t believe DD could take this step and is very much hurt by DD’s step to kill Shabnam. What truth lies behind this matter?


Sharad and Bhavna are going out to spend time. Menka and Rags do not want them to go out. Menka plans to stop Bhavna by using Anant. They make Anant cry so that Bhavna returns back. Bhavna does not leave with Sharad and takes Anant. Menka gets glad to win in this plan. Pratima consoles Bhavna and understands her concern for Anant. Rags and Menka try to make Bhavna against Suhani. Suhani now has to safeguard Bhavna from Dadi, Rags and Menka’s bad plotting.


The jailer gets a chance to get famous and wants the racing stars Kusum and Chakor to participate in the marathon. He tells them that only the victory in marathon can make them achieve freedom. Chakor gets determined to run and get freed from jail. She recalls Kasturi waiting for her in Aazaadgunj. Chakor will run in the race marathon and win the race to get freedom from the jail.

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Ravi and Devika got together after all the misunderstandings between them cleared. Devika has realized Ravi’s genuine concern for her and loves him. They did not get married by all functions and grand way, so Devika and Ravi exchange rings in Monty’s engagement. Saket is upto something plotting again. Devika and Ravi get much happy by exchanging rings, whereas Monty is unhappy with his engagement.

Maharana Pratap:

Ajabde gets hurt watching Pratap and Phool Kanwal getting closer. Ajabde and Phool are Pratap’s childhood control. Pratap finds it difficult to accept Phool. Phool and Pratap spend some time together, which makes Ajabde doubt on her decision to get them married. Ajabde feels having lost Pratap and assures herself seeing Pratap and Phool happy.

Tu Mera Hero:

Titu helps director Sandeep unknowingly of his lies. Panchi tells Titu not to help anyone without knowing all details. Titu lands in the big problem, when Sandeep puts his affair blame on Titu. The staff also agrees with Sandeep, as Sandeep bribes everyone. Panchi gets shocked knowing about Titu’s affair with heroine Preeti. She trusts Titu, but also realized Titu is badly stuck. Preeti commits suicide and dies. Now Titu has to prove his innocence and also prove Sandeep’s involvement with Preeti.



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