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Ishani gets ready for her marriage. There is possibility that she can get married to Milan, instead Ranvir. There will be big twist in the marriage, as Milan hits Ranvir to take his place in the mandap. Milan appears for the marriage along Ranvir. The two grooms drama will shock Ishani, where Milan would try his best to deceive Ishani by acting as Ranvir.


Ramleela is going to happen in Kumkum Bhagya, everyone will be seen in new avatar.Pragya looks dominating in her new avatar. She tells everyone about the characters of Ramayan. Dadi says we have characters of Ramayan around us in every day life and asks everyone to give their best shot being calm and natural. Pragya is hosting this program and prepared Dadi well. Aaliya does the role of Sita and acts in modern way with her customized lines for Sita, which leaves Pragya shocked. Sarla does the role of Mata Anusya. Her performance makes everyone applaud her. Abhi’s Taya ji does the role of Raja Dasharath. Pragya holds her head seeing this. Dadi tells Abhi and Pragya will do Ram and Sita’s role.


Indravati’s truth will come out in the next track. She has made Simar an enemy of Prem. Prem is shown in his last birth. Padmavati and Indravati were asked to present their dance infront of Rana Thakur by their teacher. Indravati and Padmavati have an argument about Rana Thakur’s love. Padmavati/Simar was not evil as Indravati is showing to Prem. Indravati stabbed Padmavati and killed her. Padmavati was not a vamp. Rana Thakur was ready to marry Padmavati after seeing her dance and falling in love with her. Rana Thakur stops Indravati in nick of the time and asks how dare she attempt to kill Padmavati.


Raman is stuck between Shagun and Ishita once again. He tells the family that Shagun is pregnant with his child. Ishita and Bhalla family get shocked. Shagun argues with Ishita seeing the family talking to her with disrespect. Raman tells about Shagun bearing Ishita’s child and Shagun is just a surrogate mum. Mrs. Bhalla worries that the baby will go on Shagun and scolds Raman. Shagun says she will stay in Bhalla house till the baby is born. Mrs. Bhalla does not allow her and can’t trust Shagun, even when Raman confirmed that Shagun has changed. Shagun says the family still believes she is characterless. She angrily shows her true colors and says this is my child. Raman tries to calm her down. Shagun gets angry and argues with Raman and Ishita. Ishita gets shocked knowing about surrogacy step done without her knowledge.

Balika Vadhu:

Anandi has found her daughter Nandini after so many years. She can’t call her as Nandini even now. Disa asks her to meet Nimboli as her friend, as Nimboli hates her mother. She says Harki has filled poison in Nimboli’s heart against her mother. Nimboli does not know the truth of Akhiraj kidnapping her. Disa also wants to keep Nimboli with herself now. Anandi hugs Nimboli and does not tell her about their relation. Anandi brings Nimboli to Bade Haveli and Dadisaa welcomes her in grand way.


Chakor has reached the village. She wants to meet Kasturi, and her friends stop her from meeting her mum. Kasturi is in bad state. Chakor runs to her calling out. Chakor hugs Amma and cries. They make Chakor realize of upcoming dangers from Bhaiya ji. They don’t want Chakor to get noticed by the goons and explain her the consequences. They take away Chakor for her safety.


Viplav and Dhaani are caught by the goons. Tulsi and her female gang are troubled as the gang has caught all the ladies at gun points. Viplav has doubt on Tulsi and shares it with Dhaani. Dhaani has got the jewelry in the flower pot. The girls ask Dhaani to get the rings and jewelry. Viplav is held at gunpoint and is helpless. He waits for someone to come to the ashram. He will be saving Dhaani and other widows from this problem.


After Ragini’s truth has come out, the love birds Swara and Laksh have cleared all misunderstandings. Laksh wishes to marry Swara and the problem of Swara and Sanskaar’s marriage comes in picture. The family discusses about Swara giving divorce to Sanskaar or not. Swara does not know what to do and Shekhar pacifies her. Ragini looks on worried and regrets to do all the bad deeds. The divorce drama will go on.


With many misunderstandings rooted by the enemies, Rana ji gets annoyed with Gayatri. Even then he can’t stop his concern seeing Gayatri wounded. Gayatri’s arm bleeds and Rana ji rushes to aid the wound. She is hurt, but Rana ji feels her pain. He does the bandage and looks everything will be fine between them.

Badtameez Dil:

Abeer wants Meher to take back her resignation and even kidnaps her aunt to convince her, but fails. Later at the party thrown by Meher for her office colleagues, Abeer comes to know about Akshat, Meher’s friend whom she introduces him as her to be husband. Abeer gets jealous and slaps Akshat hardly. Meher shouts at Abeer. Abeer asks how can he do this with him. Meher makes it clear to him that he is her past and that she has moved on in life with Akshat, with whom she sees a good future ahead. Well, it is not sure if Meher has really intended to marry Akshat or is just pretending to make Abeer jealous and go away from her life.


  1. Do they want to flop the show yeh hain mohabbatein and take it off air? The way the new twist details are coming out it seems its going to be something like simar show which is such a flop and only some aunties watch with out paying much attention while cutting veggies or grinding masalas.. this show had attracted a bit of other audiences but now it appears they are messing it up big time before killing it off…

    • if a show goes good, then Ekta is restless unless she spoils it. she cant withstand the true love between the leads and their good life. So she will create such a weird twist that no one can dream of. Is this the reason why this Czarina has not yet married, I wonder. she should get hitched soon and taste that life.

      • yeah u r absolutely right. Ekata is seriously ill. She never tolerates a show going good and pure love between leads.

        she will seperate all lovers and marry them twicw or thrice and reunite with disgusting twist anf finally they will have 4 to 7 kids while reuniting.Thats why this is . Already stopped watching YHM,now stopped written updates too, and soon will stop reading spoilers.

        She spoils every love story, Ram-priya, Manav-Archana,Arjun-purvi, Abhi-Pragya,Ranvi-Ishaani…omg omg omg…never thought Raman-Ishita will end in this list finally.

        Hate u Ekta

      • Arrey guys.. Exactly my thought.. Is that person losing the perspectives? Yday by chance saw the last scene of that ishani ranveer serial.. I was like what the FCK.. Think if such things happen in real life..people just suicide.. Endless nonsense like every time same crap marriage story.. Same crap separation.. Doesn’t it show a psychologically troubled person leading all this messed up serials.. This is so negative I don’t watch all that crap… My life is blessed…let this people live with their whatever dayans, negativity whatever worthless things that are there on planet earth.. I actually used to watch yhm once in a while for fun and positivity but lol it appears we should never trust Hindi channels..

    • Yeah you are absolutely right!! I prefer to stop watching hindi serials pakistani dramas are superb atleast it have a mixture of comedy love romance but these hindi serials sns was already a stupid drama and now yhm!! PAKISTANI DRAMAS


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