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Bhabhi ji GPH:

Tiwari is in trouble and his family is tensed. Angoori tells she will commit suicide. Tiwari is unconscious after donating blood indisguise of a woman. This is happening because of Anita ji. Tiwari ji gave 10-12 litres of blood in the blood donation camp organised by Anita. Vibhuti ji gets slapped by Tiwari’s mummy.


The shoe stealing ritual will entertain the viewers. Sameer and Rashmi have fun with the families and marriage rituals. Naksh runs with the shoes and demands 4 lakhs. Gayu finds the shoes and gives to Sameer. Later, Rashmi’s bidaai is taking place. Akshara and her family are happy and dance in the function. Naksh dances with his friend. The newly weds dance too. Rashmi hugs Akshara before her Bidaai.  The new track will focus on Naksh’s love story with the new girl, and then they will marry soon.


Ishita is crying again and this time the reason is Raman and Shagun’s relation. Ishita gets to know the shocking truth of Shagun bearing Raman’s child breaks Ishita. Ishita’s trust breaks and Mrs. Bhalla consoles her. Ishita does not know about surrogacy and Raman’s efforts for her happiness. She starts packing her clothes and decides to leave Bhalla house. Simmi tries stopping Ishita. Ishita tells her about Raman cheating on her, which was not expected from her. Simmi asks her not to leave home, and not vacate her place for Shagun. She asks Ishita to be strong and seek an answer from Raman. The show may have a leap of 10 years with IshRa’s separation. The viewers would not like to see Ishra separated.


Dandiya celebrations begins at Thapki’s home. Thakpi wears ghagra choli and plays dandiya. Thapki and Bihaan play dandiya together. While everyone is busy playing dandiya, but there is a big twist which follows. Someone fixes time bomb in aarti thali. Bihaan accuses someone for trying to kill everyone. Thapki tries to save her family and runs outside holding the aarti plate. Seeing Thapki risking her life for family, Vasundara starts feeling soft corner for Thapki.

Thapki saves family and wins Vasundara’s heart…

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Sarojini reaches Mata’s temple during Navrathi celebrations. A woman asks her to make a wish to Mata. Somendra is in hospital and Sarojini runs after goons try to kidnap her. Sarojini determines to meet Somendra.


Kokila and Gaura are having a war. Gaura acts like Chandi and takes a sword to sacrifice Meera. She looks terrible wearing a black saree and revengeful expressions. She brings Meera in Kali Mata temple and attacks on Meera to sacrifice her. She just wants revenge from Kokila. She is glad that Meera agrees to her all the time. Meera does not know Gaura is trapping her to sacrifice her. Vidya has come to save Meera, but Meera is foolish to not realize Vidya’s efforts to save her. Kokila gets Mata Durga idol at her home for Navratri puja. Kokila and Gopi bless Vidya to fight with Gaura and save Meera’s life. Kokila makes a good plan and prepares Vidya. Modi family does Navrathi Puja and are sad. Kokila thinks their family is in trouble always. She prays to God to do something and save her grand daughters. She is tensed. Kokila says Gaura is playing games with Meera and Vidya. Very soon God will show her the way to teach a lesson to Gaura.


Simar dresses up as Padmavati and stabs Indravati. Simar’s dangerous side has come out. Simar has reached her last birth, 100 years ago. Prem was Rana Thakur in his last birth. Simar have to bear the karma which she has done in previous birth. Padmavati had killed Indravati in previous birth. Indravati came to Simar’s house to take revenge for her death from Padmavati who is Simar in this birth.


There is a new entry in the show of Kinshuk Mahajan, and he is beating Amaya’s Rama. His character name is Tilak and he fights with Rama in the competition. There is a love triangle between Amaya, Tilak and Rama.

Tumhi Ho Bandhu STH:

Gurmeet Chaudhary gives a special performance on the show Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi Ho and plays Nagara. He makes people go crazy with his dances moves and punjabi tadka. The hero of the show tries to match steps with Gurmeet and performs too.


Mission Mahabali succeeds by Sandhya and Sooraj’s efforts. The viewers will get to see well shot action filmi scenes. Sooraj and Sandhya have a action sequence. They get inside a chopper and beat the Garjana men. Sandhya jumps in the missile truck and fights with Garjana men to stop the missile. Sandhya hangs to the chopper and gets inside. She lands the chopper on the base and runs to Sooraj. Sooraj and Sandhya hug happily after deactivating the missile. Sooraj is an ordinary guy who has done more than any trained officer to make mission Mahabali succeed. Sooraj and Sandhya have saved the country.

Sooraj and Sandhya’s brave action scenes to mark mission’s end….

Qubool Hai:

Mahira loves Azaad and was feeling helpless thinking she has married Amaad. Now that she knows she married Azaad whom she loves, how will Afreen’s entry affect Mahira? Afreen makes a shocking entry by getting in Azaad’s room and taking Mahira’s place on the wedding night. Afreen waits for him in his room as the bride, instead Mahira. Mahira too comes there and gets shocked seeing Afreen. She gets sad by Azaad’s cheat, while he tries to justify himself. Afreen passes taunts on Mahira and provokes her to leave from there.

Afreen’s entry to raise supernatural effectual drama in Qubool Hai…

Randhir and Sanyukta’s romance to follow…

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  1. Heard in SBS hot news that, Shagun might die and her atma will appear as ghost and reside in Ishita’s body and will dig into Rinki’s murder case. Sarika will be found as guilty.


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