YHM’s Scary twist with short leap ahead to break IshRa….


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Raman is stuck between Shagun and Ishita once again. He tells the family that Shagun is pregnant with his child. Ishita and Bhalla family get shocked. Shagun argues with Ishita seeing the family talking to her with disrespect. Raman tells about Shagun bearing Ishita’s child and Shagun is just a surrogate mum. Mrs. Bhalla worries that the baby will go on Shagun and scolds Raman. Shagun says she will stay in Bhalla house till the baby is born. Mrs. Bhalla does not allow her and can’t trust Shagun, even when Raman confirmed that Shagun has changed. Shagun says the family still believes she is characterless. She angrily shows her true colors and says this is my child. Raman tries to calm her down. Shagun gets angry and argues with Raman and Ishita. Ishita gets shocked knowing about surrogacy step done without her knowledge.

Shagun asks Ishita if her problem is that her child is in Shagun’s womb. She tells Ishita that she will not give the baby to Ishita now. She asks Ishita and Bhalla family to go to hell, Ruhi, Adi and this baby belong to her. She warns Ishita that her husband Raman will come to Shagun one day. She threatens to leave the country and she is not any Devi to listen to anyone. She says Manoj has the surrogacy papers, this time I will not obey anyone. The twist is the upcoming leap in the show. Shagun will be dying after delivering the baby. Her soul will be getting in Ishita’s body and trouble Bhalla family, who have insulted her and did not believe in her good change. Ishita’s scary look and YHM’s new promo are creating waves. Ishita will be possessed by Shagun’s evil spirit which will break Ishita and Raman’s relation. Keep reading.


  1. i have voted for this show internationally for two years because i felt it was different from the other shows but this twist coming up shows it just the same as the other, not gonna watch any more, wont vote or ask my friends to vote for it……

  2. be sensible, don’t ruin the story by destroying the main strength that carries this tale forward, the attachment between raman and ishita.

  3. who the hell is giving this bullshit ideas….? After dying shagun, ishita feels guilty….. She didn’t anything,but she will feel it’s because of her. And raman also think about this his whole life….. Then can we expect ishra love…..? Disgusting all this. It’s better to die that bitch shagun. But it’s useless. Because she’s going to trouble all again with her soul….. Fully nonsense…..!!! And try to write possible story….. !

  4. why ishita wants to be in trouble what mistake she did the mistake was done by Raman from hiding the truth to ishita then simmi is asking hospital why shagun does not told about surrogacy she only herself ruining her respect with
    simmi then why she wants to take revenge from ishita nonsense without doing
    any mistake ishita feel quilty and punished rubbish

  5. shagun’s death is a good twist, but ghost and all bakwaas and nonsense. We are tired of watching negative dramas with loads of unnecessary and unreal plots. Take the story back to unique old yhm standard or end this with an happy ending. without gang raping the yhm.

  6. this is noncense now this show was was goos it taught people tht its not every stepmother is bad bt now its losing its sweet message completly

  7. Shagun’s death is also not needed. .instead shagun can give birth to the baby and wish Raman and ishitha a happy life and get married to manoj.shagun is not evil person too..she just has a negative shade in her character .. Her death will nly leave the iyers and bhallas sad and arguments between Raman and ishitha . the upcoming story could deal with mihika’s love story and shaguns new life with manoj ..yhm is my fav serial ..don’t create unnecesaary and sillu pointless twists pls .

  8. Story can b continue with Sarika adoption and rinki death original reason and also with mihika triangle love story ( abhishek, mihir and mihika) and finally mihika shud marry abhishek not mihir cos mihir is past and this can b create high drama these are missing parts if ghost series is going to come first they have to expose Sarika true colors as well as how rinki is com to know about adoption and romi and sarika’s child is actually is not there real child this is all are the high drama and ishita should have show this Truth later shagun delivery and she can take revenge by using legal issues until this all how could leap can take place

  9. No need of ghost series but with this yhm will become comedy instead of love cum family entertainment now it will become like horror comedy film we can also say bhala cottage

  10. stop the serial..nobody believes in such black magic type things in this generation..instead make ishitha accept her child with honour and end the story if you don’t have anything good to show. No need to DRAG. NONSENSE WRITERS AND DIRECTORS.

  11. ohh dear what a bullshit this now..i watch yhm everyday..but this nonsense crap would not be able to handle..why the hell directors are going to do dis bakwaas drama..wwoofffff

  12. Let me just say that this is not the first time a director screwed up a nice story due to the hype of recent high trps. If this rumor is true, and if I was the actors of this show I would quit that instant. This is a bullshit script and just because ghosts and spirits work with sasural simar ka doesn’t mean you do it for every other freaking show.

    If this is what directors are planning than just go to hell with this damn show

  13. STOP this nonsense…. now a days all serials have started this nonsense… black magics , devils and blah blah.. now u people also dont start this…

  14. OMG I am so excited for the new twist. I watch YHM every day and I love it. It seems cool how Shagun dies and posses Ishita. But I think Shagun should have the baby first then die. Then posses Ishita. But still I think don’t kill shagun please. I really want her in the show because she has changed and become a nice person.

  15. Writers, pls try to make some sense….yes, everyone has problems in life… But no one’ slide can itself be a problem…..shagun dying…ghost blah blah… What is all this? Where is the yhm which drew attention from hundreds of viewers.. Dragging the story unnecessarily is not a solution… To keep viewers captivated pls show some happy scenes… Too many twists spoil the show

  16. Why the ghost track why can’t shagun give birth to ishita raman baby and Shagun and Manoj can marry u can stop the serial then enough is enough no more twists u are running out of ideas and creating garbage

  17. Shocking !! I was thinking .. Now in YHM everyone will live happy life ..shagun will also get her true partner & show will end soon with some good empact .. but current tract of Gost !! Is unbelievable & not practical.


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