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Ayesha got exposed…Samar got to know about Ayesha’s elder sister Aarti which Ayesha is hiding from many years. Aarti is look-alike of Ayesha and it looks like she is very innocent and under the fear of Ayesha. Ayesha hides Aarti as she is very beautiful, which leads to less importance to Ayesha’s beauty and charm. This means Ayesha is not confident about herself to get insecure. From many weeks I am watching the episodes just to see Laxmi and Samar’s bonding and their love. Ayesha got exposed that she tried to kill Laxmi and hurt her many times, but Ayesha is so clever that she always makes her way out.

The Viewers are seeing the same story in Dream Girl from many months, now we are fed up with it, the Creative team certainly have to make good changes to keep the viewers stick to the serial. Now a days, Television has offering variety of serials, if a story is not on track or boring the viewers for months, I would lose interest in it. I feel the upcoming episodes should be like Ayesha exit form everyone’s life, Aarti should come in Manav’s life, and Samar and Laxmi marriage. Looking forward to see this.

TR would like to thank Sshine for her input.

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