Bhaiya ji to act mad and escape from police custody…



Bhaiya ji starts acting mad after confessing all the crimes. Everyone get astonished seeing her weird behavior. Amma stops Chakor from going to meet Kasturi at night. Bhaiya ji sits to eat dog’s food and does not eat. Chakor wonders that Bhaiya ji is just making mad statements and not doing anything such. She notices he did not eat dog’s food and assumes he is acting. Abha asks inspector Tiwari to get Bhaiya ji punished for his crimes. Tiwari tells her that it all depends on Bhaiya ji’s health reports. He says he can’t keep Bhaiya ji in jail if he has really gone mad and made senseless confessions. Chakor tells Amma that Bhaiya ji did not go mad and is just pretending. Amma does not believe Chakor.


Later, the villagers hear the announcement that Bhaiya ji is admitted in a mental hospital. Everyone think Bhaiya ji got punished for his sins. At haveli, Tejaswini and Ranjana have a fight over the property. They both want a bigger right on the haveli and Bhaiya ji’s property. Then they get the news that Bhaiya ji has escaped from police custody. Chakor understands it was all Bhaiya ji’s plan to safeguard himself. Will Chakor be able to get Bhaiya ji caught? Keep reading.


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