Revelations and love-fetch angles to continue in Swaragini…



Durga Prasad tells Laksh that they shall take Ragini to their home as she is critical. Laksh does not believe Ragini’s memory loss and still worriedly gets convinced by his parents. Ragini gets ready to go to her inlaws home with Laksh. Durga Prasad asks Swara to come along, to take care of Ragini. Swara agrees to stay in Maheshwari house till Ragini gets fine. Laksh finds it hard to limit himself from meeting Swara. Ragini tells Laksh about Sanskaar and Swara’s argument. She says Swara is very upset. This makes Laksh go to pacify Swara. Laksh goes to Swara at midnight. Ragini and Sanskaar go to Swara’s room. They both question Laksh’s presence in Swara’s room and get upset.

Later, during the Karwachauth, Laksh does not wish Ragini keeps a fast for him. Ragini keeps a fast for Laksh and tries to become hid dutiful wife. Laksh loves Swara and thinks of her. Laksh gets to know about Sanskaar keeping a fast for Swara. He realizes Sanskaar’s love for Swara and gets heartbroken. Sanskaar asks Swara to give their marriage a chance, to which she agrees. Will Ragini be able to win Laksh’s love while he is in emotional turmoil? Keep reading.


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