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Median zing spoilers


Simar is caught by Indravati. Indravati has cast spell on Prem. She wants to play hide and seek with Simar. Prem and Simar try to run away, but the doors get shut. Mata ji gets angry and says she will see the Daayans. Prem and Simar run to the room, while Indravati calls out Padmavati to come out.


Ishita has a spirit possessing her. She does weird things publicly, that people get chance to comment on her. Ishita went out after a long time. Raman is trying hard to make her feel normal. But things did not go as planned. Ishita gets dressed in Shagun’s clothes and gets into Shagun’s attitude again. She does not tell family where she is going, while everyone assume she went to meet Raman. Ishita went with Ashok on a dinner date. Raman did not know this and rushes to get her back. The family gets to know this and they all start questioning her. Ishita cries realizing what she has done. The family worries for Ishita, whose mental state is getting worse. Mrs. Bhalla feels Raman and Ishita’s relation will fall weak if this continues. Shagun’s soul has controlled Ishita and making Ishita do strange things. Mrs. Bhalla tells Amma that this was too much by Ishita. Raman too finds this unacceptable and still waives this considering Ishita’s state.


Suhani’s birthday celebrations are going on. Yuvraaj romances with Suhani. Rags keeps a masquerade party. Suhani and Yuvraaj have a romantic dance. Rags and Menka sign each other and does something against Gauri.


Ranveer is captured and kept tied at some godown. He tries to move his chair and finds the exit. Some boxes fall and he sees light. He says there maybe some way out. He tries his best to break the rope and screams. Ishani is trying to know Ranveer’s changed behavior. Ranveer wants to go to Ishani soon. He has found the exit way. He breaks the ropes and gets to the ventilation window. He gets some rod to break the glass. Ranveer will soon return home and expose Milan.

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Ragini did not change, as her old habit did not go. She is insecure for Laksh and has hidden. Everyone is finding her. Laksh and Swara look out for Ragini, while she has hidden in the park. Ragini has used her clever mind again and made this master plan against Laksh and Swara. Ragini says she has sent goons to tease Swara and want to get pics of Swara and Laksh together. But this time, things can get against Ragini too. Swara argues with Laksh. Swara wants to be away from Laksh, while Laksh wants to win her heart once again. Swara leaves from the park after failing to get Ragini.

Sumit SL:

Dolly’s birthday brings much happiness and drama. Sumit and Rajneesh argue. Sumit has got a new responsibility to manage everyone on the birthday. Sumit and Rajneesh fight over the gift. They want their gift to be called best by Dolly. Dolly gets annoyed seeing her sons fight. Sumit manages the situation by convincing Dolly. Dolly cuts the cake and hugs her sons. They all sing birthday song for her. Dolly gets surprised seeing the gifts.


Gaura is hit with water balloons. The women throw colored water balloons on her, which hurt Gaura. Gaura then gets beaten up by the women. Gauri’s face turns red and she shouts enough. The women do not stop and punish Gaura. Dharam comes for her rescue. Gopi has done this with her family, that the women protesters have come to Gaura’s house. Gopi, Urmila and Kinjal used minds and saved the goat, which Gaura was going to sacrifice. The men from animal welfare NGO react angrily and the NGO women hurt Gaura. Dharam could not control the women. Gopi has won this warm and next will be Gaura’s way to tackle Gopi.


Bhabho has kept two bindnis at home. The neighbors come there and protests against Bhabho. Bhabho answers all of them. Sandhya gets worried seeing people disrespect Bhabho. The society has stood against Bhabho. The lady asks Bhabho to apologize to Sandhya for getting a sautan for her. Bhabho thinks Sandhya has called them, and apologizes to her. Lalima has done this planning to make Sandhya fall in Bhabho’s eyes and turns supportive of Bhabho. Now, Sandhya has to teach a lesson to Lalima.

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Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Vasundara gets her friend Sumitra’s daughter Shraddha home. Shraddha impresses everyone by her sweet nature. Shraddha tells Thapki that she likes Dhruv. Thapki knows Dhruv does not want to marry. But Vasundara lied to Dhruv that Thapki is moving on with Bihaan and giving her marriage a chance, and convinces Dhruv to agree for marrying Shraddha. Shraddha will turn negative and pose a problem for Thapki.

Bhabhi ji GPH?:

Tiwari ji is against the flyover construction infront of his home. He is worried that he would not be able to see Anita. He starts opposing this and sits on the road protesting against the flyover construction.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi has reached on a bike in rockstar style to save Pragya. Abhi burns the Raavan by shooting the fire arrow. Pragya is held behind the Raavan by the goons. Abhi has done Ravana dahan, but he has seen Pragya behind it. He jumps in the fire. Abhi takes the bike and breaks inside the Raavan model to save Pragya. The family was worried for Abhi and Pragya, and Tanu was worried as her planning did not work. Tanu’s mistake will bring Abhi and Pragya closer again.

Piya Rangrezz:

Sher holds Shraddha’s hand and makes her have food. Bhanvri stares at them and falls down. Sher rushes to care for his mum. Bhanvri plans this to send Sher and Chanda away from home on their honeymoon. Sher refuses, but Bhanvri sends him by insisting. Shraddha does aarti and prays for her child’s safety. She falls off by the oily slippery floor. Sher gets informed of this accident and gets worried for Shraddha and his child.

Siya Ke Ram:

Siya Ke Ram is an upcoming mythological TV series on Star Plus presenting the story of Ram and Sita from her perspective. The plot is based on Ramayana. Actors Ashish Sharma is finalized to play the role of Ram while actress Midarakshi Mundle portrays Sita.

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The villagers hear the announcement that Bhaiya ji is admitted in a mental hospital. Everyone think Bhaiya ji got punished for his sins. At haveli, Tejaswini and Ranjana have a fight over the property. They both want a bigger right on the haveli and Bhaiya ji’s property. Then they get the news that Bhaiya ji has escaped from police custody. Chakor understands it was all Bhaiya ji’s plan to safeguard himself.

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  2. Bullshit serials of the last two weeks:

    YHM 10/10 crap
    Swaragini 10/100 crap
    MATSH 10/10 crap
    SSK, Sathiya, YRKKH been ages I stopped watching even promos of that craps

    My favorite channels these days star world, comedy central, anything non Hindi

    Watchable yet is Ishq ka rang saved.. Not sure when it would become like others

    The worst of all is Swareffgini


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