TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week



Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai?:


Angoori and Anita celebrate Karwachauth happily. Angoori does the moon sighting and fast breaking rituals with Tiwari. Whereas Anita does the rituals with Vibhuti. The ladies have kept the fast for their husband, but the men are trapped in their plans. The men also have kept the fast for Karwachauth to impress their Bhabhis. Tiwari wants to impress Anita, and Vibhuti wants to impress Angoori. After seeing the moon, the men break their fasts before their wives break their fasts. The men are in bad state by hunger and were waiting for the moon. They had a tough time to keep the fast.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

The family ties Ishita to the bed by ropes. Ruhi goes to open the ropes and frees her. Ishita asks her to go, and Shagun asks her to open the ropes. Raman comes there and takes Ruhi away, before she gets scared seeing Ishita’s state. Ruhi cries. Ishita says she will kill all of them. Ruhi is unable to see Ishita’s pain. She goes to save Ishita from the problems, but she did not know Shagun is fooling her. Later, Ishita keeps the Karwachauth fast. She is dressed as a bride and Raman looks at her. He is glad seeing her look normal. The Karwachauth night will have a big twist, as Shagun will be spoiling their happiness once again.


Akshara keeps the Karwachauth fast without the Sargi. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa has made Sargi ready for her. Akshara was going to have food, and Naitik tells her about the work at Krishna. Akshara could not have food and goes for work. Akshara has been working in Krishna all day and completes the food orders. Naitik also feels bad seeing her work all day. The extra workers did not turn up at Krishna, and she went to help Naitik in managing the customers.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed:

Tripurari gives Dhaani, Raj Lakshmi and Suwarna’s names in the dance competition without taking their consent. Viplav asks the organizer to remove their names as the widows have reservations and couldn’t dance. The organizer refuses to get their names removed. Raj Lakshmi decides to dance in the competition against other widows’ wish and starts practicing. However during the dance competition, something happen which forces Dhaani to dance. Viplav is surprised to see a woman dancing and thinks her to be Raj Lakshmi, but she turns out to be Dhaani. Viplav is surprised to see her dancing behind the curtain. Dhaani succeeds in pulling off the dance depicting Goddess avatar very well.


Meera dances with Dharam to make Modi family annoyed. Ahem, Gopi, Kokila and everyone get embarrassed seeing Meera dance with Dharam. She is doing this to make them ashamed. She is taken revenge from her family, who came to play Dandiya in the function. Meera dances around Dharam and gets closer to him. She plans to slap Modis in her style. Her intentions are to hurt Modi family, and not impress Dharam. Gauri is happy seeing Meera and is proud of her. Gaura wanted this to happen and has made Meera against her family. Vidya dances with Shravan and stops Meera from dancing with Dharam. The Modi family dances with Vidya and break Meera’s plans. Gopi hugs Vidya and thanks her for managing the situation.


Swaragini has Karwachauth rituals track next in the show. Ragini does all the rituals for Karwachauth. Ragini takes the puja plate and prays for her husband. She has kept her first Karwachauth. The ladies sit and do the rituals to see the moon. Ragini has got belief that she will get Laksh again. Laksh still loves Swara, and stays sad during the function.

Mere Angne Mein:

Sarla visits tantric Baba to solve the problems in her life. The man tells her about the woman’s evil eye on her. He says that woman is responsible for all the problems and poverty in her life. He gives her a scorpion and asks her to take it home. The woman whom the scorpion bites will be the one. Sarla takes scorpion to Shanti Sadan. Whom will the scorpion bite? Shanti, Kaushalya or Sarla herself?

Badtameez Dil:

Abeer thinks Ishaan is Akshat’s son, oblivious to his real identity. He informs Meher that Akshat is cheating her and have a son. Meher tells him that she is well aware about his son and have no problems. Abeer tells Meher that they can have their own baby once they remarry and reminds about her wish to have baby 8 years ago, when he refused. He tells God made joke of the boy and gave him dad like Akshat. He feels pity on Ishaan. Meher cries and asks him to leave. She breaks down and says Ishaan is his own son. A flashback sequence will be shown where in Meher will be giving birth to the boy, away from Abeer.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

Suhani has successfully removes Gauri’s mask. She hears Dadi taking Gauri’s name and confronts her for the same. Dadi lies to her that she did not say anything. Dadi shouts on Suhani and makes everyone turn on her side. Suhani and Dadi have a big argument, where Suhani remarks Garui’s family to be cheap mindset people to keep Gauri’s face hidden. Suhani burns Gauri’s mask and decides that Gauri will never use the mask again. She goes against Dadi and tell them that they will to help Gauri in leading a normal life.



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