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Gayatri has kept karwachauth fast for Rana ji and is very happy about it. She breaks her fast by looking at him through the net. Chand Chupa plays………..Today Gayatri got ready for her Rana ji and is completing her fast and looks at the moon. They were about to get closer, but Rana ji’s past visits Rana ji yet again. The new woman is his wife’s look alike and it is Rana ji’s mum gift for Gayatri. Sulakshana pretends to faint while Rana ji rush to her and lifts her in his arms shocking Gayatri.


All the Maheshwari family ladies have kept fast for their respective husbands. Laksh with teary eyes look at Swara. Swara has kept fast for Sanskar, and she didn’t know that they she would fast for Sanskar. Ragini has kept fast for Laksh. Sanskar says all the married women in their family are keeping fast. There is a twist in the karwachauth fast. Sanskar stumbles and faints, as he is keeping fast for Swara. Swara shouts Sanskar and rushes with worry. Laksh holds him. However, she completes her fast and take Sanskar’s blessings, while Ragini completes her fast with Laksh.


Dushyant gets his daughter’s hands tied and pushes her in river with the help of pandits. Dushyant tells that if you are not devi, then we will do your visarjan as you are khandik. Sarojini sees Indra drowning in the river and jumps in to save Indra. Indra looks on crying. Sarojini tells everyone that Dushyant was doing a crime and asks Inspector to arrest him. Dushyant’s dad scolds Dushyant for trying to kill his own daughter.


Indravati has captured Simar in the mud pot and laughs. Prem feels helpless as he couldn’t save Simar. Indravati has trapped Simar with the help of his Guru, and to get Prem. Prem refuses to accept Indravati and holds her by her neck. Indravati throws the pot angrily, but Sid catches his bhabhi’s pot. Someone brings gangajal and they all read Gayatri mantra. Indravati and Dayan run from there, but Simar is still locked in the pot.


Meenakshi keeps gun on Mohit’s head and asks him to get scared of her. She thinks it was a fake pistol, but it turns out to be real. Mohit asks if she has gone mad and what would have happen if the bullet is fired. Lalima changes fake pistol with Sandhya’s serviced pistol. Bhabho notices the real pistol and scolds Sandhya for putting their lives in danger. Lalima thinks she has planted hatred seed for Sandhya in Bhabho’s heart.

Taarak Mehta KOC:

Daya ben and Jetha Lal are performing during Raas Leela. Jetha Lal and Daya will be performing as Krishna and Radha, for their stint in the reality show.

Balika Vadhu:

Anandi takes Mangla and Nimboli to the court. Nimboli gets confident and gives her statement against Akhiraj Singh. Harki threatens Mangla no to provide any evidence in the court. Mangla also wishes that Akhiraj Singh gets punished by the court. Kamli and Pushkar try to convince the villagers to give statement against Akhiraj in the court. The villagers get strength to speak against Akhiraj. Dadisaa keeps Ashtami puja at the haveli. The puja takes place in haveli, while everyone wait the court’s decision on Akhiraj’s matter.


Mohi could not find her father and stays upset. Gokhale Family cheers her up and this touches her heart. She wishes she never gets to leave them in her life. Ayush hurts Mohi by scolding her. Later on, Vinay inquires Mohi about her village and her mother. He misses Mahua and recalls her. Vinay gets to know about Mohi’s home in Bhuvana and her mother. Mohi realizes Vinay has visited Bhuvana too.

Qubool Hai:

Mahira gets into an argument on meeting Armaan, when he comes infront of her in the moon sighting rituals. She gets stunned and slaps him for ruining her rituals, which were meant for her love Azaad. Azaad gets dizzy and Afreen plans to get intimate with him, so that Mahira can never break the magical spell on Azaad. Afreen thinks a witch and vampire’s union will become unbreakable. However, Afreen fails in her attempt.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed:

Viplav helps the ashram ladies and advices them not to leave their hard earned money. Dhaani applies Viplav’s tips and sells the flowers at good price. Viplav wants to see Dhaani independent and braver. He is glad seeing Dhaani deal with her problems on her own. Dasharath makes a plan to end Viplav’s ties with the ashram. He wants to get the ashram sell off, so that Viplav does not become those widows’ support.



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