Darshan Pandya to enter YHM; More twists ahead…



Ishita aims gun at everyone and asks the family to move back. Raman asks the family to get behind and requests Ishita to calm down. Ishita turns crazy and shouts on them. This is the Karwachauth twist, where Ishita tells them that she will kill Raman and entire Bhalla family. Ishita has turned into Shagun. She has no control over her and this shocks the family. Ishita is possessed and Raman fails to control her. A person comes there and Ishita gets scared seeing him. Raman has called him as that man identifies spirits and is known to free people from evil spirits haunting and possessing someone’s body. Ishita drops the gun seeing him and gets away. She can’t even stand his stare and turns her face away.

The man has power of identifying spirits and Ishita reacts seeing him, as she realizes he would be negative for Shagun’s spirit. The guy will free Ishita from the ghost and make things fine in Ishita-Raman’s life. Darshan Pandya (Dr. Aman of Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar) enters the show as the mind-healer/sacred doctor Prateek. Ishita faints seeing Prateek. Raman makes her rest. Mrs. Bhalla and Mrs. Iyer get relieved that Prateek can cure Ishita now, else the Bhalla family was deciding to send Ishita to hospital. Prateek’s sixth sense starts working and he tells Raman about Ishita’s possessed state. How will Ishita get free of Shagun’s spirit? Keep reading.



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