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Thanks to Sandhya’s determination, She has come back to Rathi house. The Viewers are very excited to see Sooraj and Sandhya. But Lalima comes in between. I am not understanding why Bhabho is forcing Lalima on Sooraj, when Sooraj wants to spent life with his first Love Sandhya. On the other side, what is Lalima’s motive to stay at Rathi house as Sooraj’s wife. The track should have to change, as the show is losing its storyline. Sandhya’s entry in Sooraj’s life makes the audience addict to the show, but these new controversies brings only negative impact on the viewers. Kindly expose Lalima soon and make Sandhya the favourite bahu of Bhabho.


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  1. Truthfully speaking I do not understand why the writers are showing the Rathi family as dumb,first they did not ask sooraj where he found sandhya and what she was doing when he met her and they did not try to find out where she has been all the while she was away and the reason behind her disappearance,bhabu forgot all that Sandhya had done in the past for, she practically got carried away by her present emotional state of mind which is too bad and for Lalima plotting against sandhya without even caring if sooraj loves her or not or even putting his happiness aside means that her love for sooraj is selfish and self centered, lalima should please be exposed soon so that sandhya and sooraj can live happily together again, Emily also should be freed from her husband who mistreats her

  2. I agree with both the comments. Please expose Lalima and bring the track yo an end. I think we have forgotten and strayed away from the storyline and the main ethos of the story. and please do it soon.
    If you are not quick, the TRP may fall, because many regular viewers are tired of this dull, boring and monotonous storyline.


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