Abeer’s 8-day challenge to win Meher’s love begins…



Abeer challenges Meher that he will win her back in 8 days, and will make her realize his love in her heart. Meher gives him time and asks him to go away from her life if proven wrong. Abeer says if he wins then she shall return to him. She agrees. Next day Abeer comes to Meher house and have breakfast. He makes Akshat jealous and sings Dilwale Dulhaniya song, and takes Meher to his house. Meher tells him that their chemistry will not change even if they visit his house. Abeer says he want to start from the place, where he did mistake and will rectify his mistakes on the same place. They come to Abeer’s house. Madhavi does their aarti. Meher is reminded of their marriage and grah pravesh, and she gets emotional. Kuber gets annoyed and thinks he has to do something to end Meher’s chapter in Abeer’s life. Abeer takes Meher to his room and shows the room decorated with their pics. Meher is moved by his gesture and likes it instantly.


Abeer acts to drink poison, which shocks Meher and she gets concerned for him and cries. Later, Meher spends time with Madhavi when she gets call from her son Ishaan informing her that Akshat shouted at him. He asks her to come home soon. Meher tells Madhavi that something might have surely happened which compelled Akshat to shout at Ishaan. Madhavi looks on being clueless. Meher regrets for coming to Abeer’s house leaving Ishaan at home, and her issues are affecting her son. Madhavi understands that Ishaan is Meher’s son. Soon Madhavi and Abeer will know about Ishaan. Ishaan will grow fondness for Abeer which will force Meher to reconsider her decision. Keep reading.


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