Sandhya signs divorce papers; Jinx moment for Diya-Baati…



Sooraj gets in a fix whose fast to break in Karwachauth. Meenakshi and Emily dance and make Sandhya and Lalima dance with them. Sandhya is tensed and tries to get Bhabho’s blessings. Bhabho’s bahu dance happily. Meenakshi takes Sooraj for the dance. They all wait for the moon and convey their lovely message to their respective husbands. Sandhya conveys message to Bhabho by singing. Bhabho does not melt. Sandhya apologizes to Bhabho and wishes to get Bhabho’s blessings.


The Karwachauth rituals do not get completed, as the function halts by a sudden twist. The police walks in Rathi House to arrest Sooraj. Sooraj gets arrested by police, as per Lalima’s plan. Lalima calls police to get Sooraj arrested and puts the blame on Sandhya. Sooraj is accused to marry second woman, having his first wife alive. Lalima acts innocent and cries. Bhabho gets angry on Sandhya again. Sandhya gets an idea to save Sooraj and signs on the divorce papers. Sandhya sacrifices her love to save Sooraj. This makes Lalima realize her mistake and also believe in Sandhya’s true love. Will Lalima unite Sooraj and Sandhya? Keep reading.


  1. DABH
    What is this? Please end all this. Expose Lalima . Everyone knows Sandhya loves Sooraj and Sooraj loves sandhya. Why drag on ? Can’t the serial be made interesting without all this?
    Please end this and let Sooraj and Sandhya and the entire Rathi family live happily. Let Lalima go away

  2. Only ahero is not recognised in Rathi house. Time and time poor judgement is shown with what the cat er Bhabho has dragged in. First she befriends a thug religious nut and a corrupt lady politician and then a cell of terrorists in her house. Law says you go to jail if you shelter an illegal person. Then she hooked Lallima with Suraj when he was under severe weather. How many times has she thrown out her 3 daughters-in-law and has caused cruelty to them. While her own kids are thieves and conspirators even to Surraj and Sandhya. A police officer who is a hero never gets recognition as in praise or words of affection. Thank God Bhabho is not yet in politics or next she would be running Rajasthan.. Just kidding!!!


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