Shabnam to kill Sid and Roshni in Jamai Raja…


jamai raja

Sid and Roshni let Shabnam go to Dubai after forgiving her for trapping Sid and gave her ticket so that she realizes her mistake and get on right path , but the latter being a cunning woman stayed back and conspired against Sid. She gave the MMS to the media which shows Sid and Shabnam in an intimate state. Reporter barged in DD’s house after the MMS is shown on TV channels. Sid tells everyone that he is innocent. Even Roshni supports Sid as she knows her husband is innocent and being framed wrongly. Nani is paralysed because of Shabnam and feels bad as she couldn’t support Sid. Mona taunts and insults DD asking her to take a stand against her Jamai who has done adultery. DD gets angry and asks Sid to leave her house, and never to show his face again. Roshni gets shocked and tells her that Sid is innocent. She tells that she will leave with Sid. DD declares that she will think herself childless and asks her to go. Roshni and Sid leave DD’s house with heavy hearts. Sid collects proofs as Shabnam deleted the confession from his phone.

Later, during confronting Shabnam, Sid realizes Shabnam has hurt Roshni. Sid has to save Roshni from Shabnam’s evil move. Roshni is unconscious in the car, which is about to fall in the cliff. Sid is stopped by Shabnam, who aims a gun at him. Sid manages to push Shabnam and rushes to stop the car. He applies all his strength and pushes the car back to the stable surface. Shabnam threatens Sid to go off her way, else he will lose his life. Sid gets at the end of the cliff while saving Roshni. Will Sid and Roshni die? Keep reading.



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