Everyone got to know about Amaya’s truth of marrying Rama. Her mother Sneha also accepted her. Amaya completed Kangana’s work order and makes his father’s name Rishi cleared from all the corrupt controversies set up by Dev. But the personal life of Amaya is not going smoothly. Amaya and Rama started liking each other and about to confess their love. Rama got to know that Amaya use to love his best friend Mantu. When will they show Mantu’s current status? I am afraid to see Mantu’s death news in the show. I liked Mantu and watched the show just for him. Mantu was shown different from regular daily soaps heroes. Tilak, a new entry in the show is creating a lot of buzz. Please discard Tilak’ s role soon. If the show is not wrapping up soon, then bring back good moments in the show.

TR would like to thank Amy for her input.


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  1. Totally stupid story don’t watch it anymore since muntu departure. The writer has come up with stupid storylines ,hopefully show is coming to and end may be it will replace something better.

  2. The story is dragging on too long on Rama and Amaya’s love story
    they should just confess their love.
    Also I love Tilak’s entry and he is making the story more interesting.
    I love this show to bits but its going on too long. I hope this show does not come to end right after they confess their love to each other.
    Any way love the show xxx

  3. I totally agree with you Amy, if they will not show Amaya and Mantu together, they should have at least paired him with Uma or rachita, how can they leave Mantu’s character incomplete, this show is really beginning to be very annoying especially this present track, the writers i think have lost inspiration on what to write next, they should wrap up this show already.worst of it all is that they are making some of the characters look stupid and dump, especially Amaya,they should end this show once and for all

  4. At d very start d serial was 1 of my favourite serial…couldnt miss 1 esp also to see amaya n mantu..after amaya getting married d serial turned into a worst serial ever…


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