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Median zing spoilers



Gaura wants to do Kokila’s visarjan, and hits Kokila on her head. She along with the goons and Dharam, locks her up in a big box with God’s idol inside it. Kokila couldn’t believe that her dear childhood friend could do such a thing. Kokila will defeat death and will return to fight with Gaura with the help of Gopi. Gopi tries finding Kokila. She collides with the big box which has Kokila inside. Gaura changes her colors and starts crying for Kokila. Meera supports Gaura. Meera and Dharam do the aarti.


Sooraj brings Lalima to temple so that she can understand the reality and come to terms. Sooraj’s efforts are successful when Lalima accepts her crime infront of God when she sees the temple bell ringing and cries. She accepts that she is the one who conspired to separate Sooraj and Sandhya. Lalima has realized her mistake and thinks Shiv’s ji signed her that she is wrong. She accepts her crimes infront of God. She has decided not to come in between Sooraj and Sandhya and thinks to unite them.


Pari has got married and came home. Shanti gets angry. Shanti and Sarla are fighting with the neighbors. Neighbors asks Sarla about her daughter Pari, and says she has eloped and has trapped a rich guy. They taunt Shanti and Sarla. Sarla gets angry and beats them. Sarla’s bahu Rani also joins them and taunts Sarla. Sarla beats her up. Ashok asks Sarla to leave Rani. Sarla asks why is Rani saying nonsense about Pari? Rani tells that she also loves her nanand, but the truth about Pari is bitter.


Laksh has cut his wrist to get Swara back in his life. Swara shows concern and ties cloth on his hand. Laksh is moved by her gesture. He is emotionally blackmailing Swara and asks her to come back to his life. Doctor comes and bandages Laksh’s hand. Laksh wants Swara to give him a chance. Swara says Laksh is walking on Ragini’s footsteps. Laksh tells that if he don’t get Swara then he will kill himself. Ragini gives him idea to cut his wrist to see if Swara loves him. Ragini is shocked to see Swara’s concern for Laksh.


Rana ji gives throne to his first wife Sulakshana. Gayatri is shocked and hurt, feels betrayed by Rana ji. Rana ji has done injustice with Gayatri being helpless. Rana ji takes Gayatri’s throne and makes Sulakshana sit on it, after doing her tilak. Sulakshana feels bad for Gayatri. Sulakshana says she has returned after 6 years, and was unaware of his second marriage. It is actually Sulakshana’s look alike and it is Dadi’s conspiracy to separate Rana ji and Gayatri. Gayatri will shake hands with Badi Rani and deal with Sulakshana.


Ruhi came to Ishita’s room to talk to Shagun and save Ishita. She is sure that Shagun is in Ishita’s body. Ishita holds her with love. When Ruhi requests Shagun to leave from Ishita’s body, Shagun gets angry and scolds her. Ruhi gets scared and hugs Mrs. Bhalla. Ruhi finds a gun in her school bag and ACP came to investigate the matter. Raman is tensed wondering when will Shagun go away from their life. Raman asks Abhishek to tell him whose gun is this, does it belong to any of his family members. The gun suspense has troubled everyone. Abhishek says it belongs to Dr. Manoj. Raman says I trust Manoj, even if its his gun, how would it come in my house. Raman tries to get answers from Ishita. Ishita does not give straight answers.


Dhaani is being scolded by her mum because of Viplav. Viplav brings cycle for her. Dhaani sits on it to ride the cycle. Dulaari gets angry seeing her sitting on cycle. Viplav wants to make Dhaani learn cycle riding towards the first step of independence. Dasharath plans to make Viplav fall in Dhaani’s eyes. He has bought ashram on Viplav’s eyes. He makes Dhaani doubt on Viplav’s intentions. Dasharath gets the ashram papers stolen. Dhaani started doubting on Viplav. Dasharath tells Durga that he had a dream of Tripurari’s marriage with Dhaani. He emphasizes and convinces Durga. Durga gives the shagun coin to Dhaani and wants to make her bahu. Dasharath thinks Viplav will get rid of Dhaani.

Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai:

Angoori is scared of crackers sound. She has got ill. Vibhuti has become the reason for her illness. Vibhuti decided that no one will light crackers in the lane. He says the lane will mourn this time, just for Angoori. The goons know this decision of Vibhuti and lit sound crackers. Angoori gets ill by the crackers. Vibhuti and Tiwari gets troubled when Angoori and Anita get under one roof.


Akshara and Naitik’s beach romance goes on in Goa. She apologizes to Naitik. Naitik tells her that he has come here to make her mood happy. Naksh waits for Tara. He gets a special gift for Dadi. Dadi likes the gift a lot. Naksh proposed Tara and they mutally express love. Naksh’s purpose to come Goa gets fulfilled. Tara is worried for Dada ji and Sangram’s reaction. Dada ji does an acting of fake heart attack and laughs seeing everyone worried. Akshara slaps Naksh seeing him with Tara at the chapel and scolds Tara and Naksh. She takes away Naksh, while Tara cries.


Prem is going to meet Mata ji, Simar and family in the jungle. The goons come there and try to snatch the bag from the women. Mata ji and everyone try to get the bag from them. The bag has the pots in the bag. Mata ji tells them to take jewelry and leave the bag. The bags with the pots fall down and the women get shocked.

Qubool Hai:

Khan Begum has done wrong and is bearing the consequences now. She asks Armaan to stop the bulldozer. Armaan signs the men to start bulldozer and break down Khan Begum’s house. She says she will talk to Mahira and explain her. Armaan says this is my house, I can keep it or break it. Khan Begum reminds that there are more 7 days. Armaan says he has paid full amount. Khan Begum says she is worried where she will go. Afreen asks them to just leave and is very happy.

Kaala Teeka:

Kaali is unwell and critical. Gauri’s mum Manjiri tries to make her fine. She takes care of Kaali. Gauri is having a good sleep, while Kaali is down with high fever. Bhabhi ji is dancing as Kaali has got bad sight of Gauri and got unwell. She thinks Gauri will never catch any evil eye now, as Kaali will be facing all her problems. Manjiri cries and sits with Kaali all night with hope of her recovery.


Suhani could not prove Dadi’s involvement in Gauri’s health problems. Suhani is suspicious about Dadi’s behaviour, and finds her behaving panicking at time when it is related to Gauri. Dadi tries to keep Suhani away from Gauri. Suhani gets doubtful seeing Mili find the treasure box from the soil, and could not discuss this with Yuvraaj. She tries to figure out about Gauri’s relationship to the family, after Gauri calls Yuvraaj as Bhai. Yuvraaj recalls his childhood where his sister’s screams used to make him unwell. Yuvraaj got panicking by Gauri’s behavior, which made Dadi send Gauri away from the family by cooking a fake story. Yuvraaj is Dadi’s weakness, but there lies more to Dadi’s reality. Dadi creates obstacles for Suhani, while Suhani tries to help Gauri.

Badtameez Dil:

Madhavi gets doubtful about Meher’s sudden decision to marry Akshat and questions Suman, but the latter stays silent. Madhavi finds similarities between Ishaan and Abeer. Later she spy on Meher and comes to know about a secret. She goes to Ishaan’s school and bribes peon to get Ishaan’s birth certificate. She gets shocked to see Meher’s name as Ishaan’s mum, and wonders if Akshat is not his father then who is his father. She then realizes that Ishaan is Abeer’s son and her grand son. Meanwhile Meher and Abeer recall their happiest and romantic moments and get emotional. What will Madhavi do now?



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