TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week



KumKum Bhagya:


Pragya has kept fast for Abhi secretly, and feeling hard to hide about her fast. Tanu asks her why did she wear red saree? Pragya asks what is the problem in this saree? Tanu says today is Karwachauth and red saree is worn by married women who keep fast. Abhi gets doubtful and asks Pragya if she kept fast for him. He tells her that he saw her eating kheer early morning like other ladies of the house. Pragya makes an excuse. Abhi will eventually find out the truth.


Ishita gets mehendi on her hands and is happy about Karwachauth fast. Everyone dances happily. Ishita is free of Shagun’s spirit with much difficulty. Mrs. Bhalla and others are happy thinking Ishita remembers about Karwachauth fast. Ishita makes Mrs. Bhalla remind about the fast as everyone forgot about it. Mrs. Bhalla makes Sargi and do all the arrangements. Mrs. Iyer also do all the arrangements, but is worried thinking Ishita might behave like Shagun again. Ishita changes her cool attitude maintained during day and initializes to harm Raman.


Bhabho is thinking who is more Sanskari bahu, Sandhya or Lalima. Bhabho has stopped eating and all the family members are trying to convince her. She is angry as she has to apologize to Sandhya because of the women organization. Sandhya feels Bhabho is blackmailing Sooraj. Bhabho asks Sooraj to take a right decision. Sandhya feels bad and thinks Sooraj is grinded between Bhabho, Lalima and her. Irrespective of Bhabho’s decision, Sandhya will be with Sooraj always.


Ragini has got Swara kidnapped. The goons were trying to forcibly take her in car, but Laksh comes and beats the goons as he can’t see anyone touching Swara. Swara hugs him and cries. Laksh kisses her on her forehead. Swara cries again. Laksh feels that his love has power and Swara will return to him.


Akshara and Naitik comes to Goa on an outing with their kids and family. Naitik takes the selfie with the young ladies. They are celebrating Akshara’s Dadi birthday. Naksh comes for Tara. There is a twist with outing also. Dadi will go missing. However, Naksh takes Tara to the beautiful Chapel to marry her. He convinces priest also. Akshara reaches there and slaps Naksh hard. Tara tries to speak, but Akshara asks her to keep quiet as she is talking to her son. She drags him from there. She feels her son has forgotten her values and was marrying Tara secretly. She thinks parents would have agreed if he told them. Naksh and Tara have started loving each other and are busy romancing. It is yet to be seen if Tara’s Dada will agree or not. Tara definitely has good values, and she holds Dadi when she fell down near the sea.


Inspector comes to arrest Gaura. Dharam warns Inspector not to arrest his mum. Gaura was doing charity in Kokila’s name to clear her name from the conspiracy against Kokila. Meera gets against Gaura as she feels Gaura is responsible for Kokila’s condition. Gaura tells her that she didn’t do anything. Meera tells her that she will not fall in her words. She says Ahem has slapped her in the hospital and thought her wrong. Gaura thinks Meera was influenced by Kokila. Gaura will think to brainwash Meera again and take her on her side. Ahem filed complaint with the police as someone attacked Kokila. When Kokila is in hospital, her family members are worried. Meera supports Kokila. Inspector arrests Gaura and takes her to police station.

Jamai Raja:

Sid has to save Roshni from Shabnam’s evil move. Roshni is unconscious in the car, which is about to fall in the cliff. Sid is stopped by Shabnam, who aims a gun at him. Sid manages to push Shabnam and rushes to stop the car. He applies all his strength and pushes the car back to the stable surface. Shabnam threatens Sid to go off her way, else he will lose his life.


Prem sees Simar in Indravati and hugs her with love. Indravati was waiting for this moment. Simar and Prem got a chance to have some romantic moments. But Prem is not aware of Indravati’s deceive. Prem is actually romancing with Indravati. He makes her wear the mangalsutra. Simar and other members got locked inside the pot.


Mannu wants to make Somendra hers and uses Sarojini’s mask to attract him. Somendra is drunk and sees Sarojini in her. Mannu has given bhaang to Somendra and he hallucinates that he is dancing with Sarojini. Somendra is given some herbs and feels its Sarojini. Somendra gets close to Mannu. Sarojini is busy in saving Indra, and Mannu is here with Somendra. Sarojini takes Durga avatar in saving Indra and faces Dushyant. Sarojini goes to meet Somendra and wants to stop Mannu’s plannings.

Thapki Pyaar Ki:

Thapki and Bihaan go to choose an engagement ring for Dhruv. Bihaan takes Thapki to a restaurant and they order juice. They get wrong drinks, instead juice. They both get drunk. Bihaan and Thapki argue over there and come home. Thapki does funny things not being in senses. Bihaan is also drunk, and gets tensed about elders’s reaction. He tries to take Thapki to room, before elders see her. Thapki asks her not to tell anyone that she is drunk. They act normal infront of Dadi. Dadi gets happy seeing Thapki cheerful after a long time. Dadi feels Bihaan is the reason of Thapki’s happiness and blesses them.


Rana ji and his two wives are at the camp. Gayatri cries seeing Rana ji with his first wife. She does not like Rana ji giving attention to Sulakshana. She angrily argues with him, which shows her love for Rana ji. Rana ji sees Gayatri crying and goes to her. Rana ji realizes his feelings for Gayatri. He feels happier with Gayatri, than Sulakshana. He will soon confess his love to Gayatri.

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum:

Sujoy lies to Maanvi and her family about Rahul Sabarwal. He puts all disgraceful acts’ blame on Rahul. This infuriates Upamayu Chatterjee. Upamayu already holds some annoyance in his heart for Raj Sabarwal. Upamayu goes to police station to lodge a complaint against rockstar Rahul. Raj worries for his son’s image in media, which will be tarnished by any police case. Upamayu blames Rahul’s bad upbringing and passes taunts on his old friend turned foe Raj.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed:

Kanak packs the sargi in the tiffin box unknowingly with the laddoos for the Ashram ladies. Viplav gives the laddoos box to Ashram ladies. Later at night, Dhaani eats the sargi tiffin unknowingly, and stays hungry all day keeping fast without any intention. In the evening, Viplav comes and hears Dulaari asking Dhaani to eat something as she is hungry since morning. He makes her eat something and breaks her fast unknowingly. There are cute scenes between Viplav and Dhaani. Viplav thinks to get Dhaani married to a nice guy by next year. A postman comes to Ashram and gives papers on Viplav’s names, but the papers gets stolen. Dhaani informs Viplav that someone have snatched papers from her hand and eloped. Viplav gets thinking.

Badtameez Dil:

Abeer challenges Meher that he will win her back in 8 days, and will make her realize his love in her heart. Meher gives him time and asks him to go away from her life if proven wrong. Abeer says if he wins then she shall return to him. She agrees. Next day Abeer comes to Meher house and have breakfast. He makes Akshat jealous and sings Dilwale Dulhaniya song, and takes Meher to his house. Meher tells him that their chemistry will not change even if they visit his house. Abeer says he want to start from the place, where he did mistake and will rectify his mistakes on the same place. They come to Abeer’s house. Madhavi does their aarti. Meher is reminded of their marriage and grah pravesh, and she gets emotional. Kuber gets annoyed and thinks he has to do something to end Meher’s chapter in Abeer’s life. Abeer takes Meher to his room and shows the room decorated with their pics. Meher is moved by his gesture and likes it instantly.


  1. Again no spoiler for sadda haq…im really dissapointed….i dont know why i even bother to come on this site to check for spoilers coz u ppl always put spoilers for the same shows…


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